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The Nazi villain in "The Passage" wears a black swastika on the crucial section of his underpants. That is all you really need to know about this film. If it strikes you as funny, and you can see the film with witty friends while hooting and shouting your own dialogue, then go. But under no other circumstances.

The Nazi is played by Malcolm McDowell, and he also pins his Iron Cross on an apron for purposes of administering to a French chef the dreaded Ragout Torture of slicing his fingers into the stew.

One hopes that this film was made with the intention of being camp, but suspects it was not. More likely the intention was to use the attraction that the Nazis have for pornography fans and mix it just enough with recognizable adventure movie ingredients to aim it at a wider audience."

The most recognizable ingredient, to his shame, is Anthony Quinn in his role of granite peasant. In this case, he is a Basque with a lot of sheep for roommates, who undertakes to lead an endangered family, of which the Mama and Papa are James Mason and Patricia Neal, across the Pyrenees into Spain during World War II.

Why the Nazis want this family is not clear, the explanation simply being that the father is a scienfist. From their shabby overcoats, one presumes that they are Jewish intellectuals, but a drearier family one could never hope to meet.

It's not that one gets so heartless here as to hope them captured by the Nazis. Rather the point of sympathy is with Quinn, when he feels homesick for his sheep.