Her name is Ruth Norman and she's 78. But those closest to her as the Archanged Uriel and recognize that she's really much older. Her being, during its thousands of years of existence, has visited earth many times-once as Mary Magdalene.

Norman has been chosen from among all Earth beings as the spiritual guide to provide the crucial link with higher creatures from other worlds.

Earth, in her words, represents a "hell world," the lowest in an infinite range of life forms in the universe. Wiser, more compassionate beings, she claimed in an interview in El Cajon, east of San Diego, seek to bring enlightment to this planet. "These space people have the information and ways and means to help man out of the dilemma he has digressed into," said said.

Norman wore a long purple dress, golden shoes and a bright display of inexpensive jewelry for her interview. She carried a rod -the "electronic wand"-coated with simulated emeralds. "In the inner worlds, we hear much color, many things that are radiant," she said.

As she spoke, those whose lives have been shaped by the same belief nodded in agreement.

Ruth Norman and her "brother"-which include women-take part in daily activities designed to develop a stronger unity with superior beings the "superconsciousness."

They make up the Society of Unarive, otherwise known as universal articulated interdimensional understanding of science, which operated out of the modest building here.

A sign in the window, however, catches the eye: "Space craft landing soon."

Two years ago Norman predicted the arrival of beings from other worlds. However, the deadline she set came and went without incident. Nevertheless, she is certain tjat such a landing will come about, and still owns 65 acres in Jamul for use as a landing area.

It would involve the arrival of spiritual leaders from 32 higher worlds, she said, and she would greet them as the earth's spiritual leader.

Although not striking from the outside, the Uniarive New World Teaching Center offers a unique setting for viewing inside. A model of a space city site near the room's center, covered with plastic sheeting. Paintings of spacecraft and celestial cities adorn the walls. A throne, painted gold and packed gold and backed by a fan of bright peacock feathers, rests near the back of the room-the Seat of Uriel.

The Center was alive with activity recently, to mark the 25 year celebration of "Unarive on Earth." The celebration, featuring dance, ballet film presentations and refreshments, marked the anniversary of the meeting of Ruth Norman and her late husband, Ernest, who founded the society. He is referred to as the 20th-century incarnation of the Archangel Raphael.

Ernest has been dead for some time, but his years of work with his wife and other believes set the tone what is happening today. His portrait oversees the activity from one of the center's halls.

Vaughn Spaegel, 57, a psychology teacher at San Diego City College, regularly attends the center and is eager to explain the dozens of books on the walls.

"The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation" and "The Voice of Erde" are included in the collection. Many were produced by the Normans before the husband's death. Others offer a variety of "transmissions" from brilliant beings that once inhabited earth, Spaegel said.

Spaegel said he and another member of the society, 31-year-old Thomas Miller, act as "scbchannels and verablize high frequency messages sent by higher creatures.

Among dignitaries who have directed messages through Spaegel and Miller are the British physicist Oliver Lodge Speaks, who died in 1940, and Albert Einstein, "who you would call one of your very advanced elder brothers.

"There are just the two of us who have been trained by Norman" in the art of message transmission, Spaegel said. "She serves as the main channel."

Ruth Norman claims influence over more than 200,000 people throughtout the United States and in other countries throught the hundreds of books and tapes dsitributed by the center.