Pago Pago, 1920. An exotic South Sea island throbbing with low visibility and 100 per cent chance of rain! An untamed people, so remote from western civilization that they pin flowers in their hair, a 1977 Paris fashion, 57 years too soon!

The voluptuous Mia Farrow bursts on the scene, hungrily seeking a mate who can match her primitive intellect. Even the U.S. Naval Officers' Club cannot satisfy this appetite. Her eyes move restlessly over the white-uniformed shoulders as she dances. There, serving as busboy to prepare for his royal destiny as High Chieftain, is Matangi, played by Dayton Ka'ne, who served many hard years as a surfer to prepare for his destiny. He does not dance, although he is tense with sensual rhythm. He is afraid he will make a wrong step in the rituals of the white people, thereby incurring a high heel on his bare foot.

She grunts at him. He grunts at her. They fall in love. He invites her to swim in his lagoons. She accepts. He invites her to lie on the white beaches and play Find the Seashell with him. She refuses. Love is love, but such a step would cost her her PX card.

There is even more trouble lurking on this tropical paradise. Mia Farrow's father, Jason Robards, is the naval governor of the island, a man so sternly devoted to duty that, knowing the captain must go down with his ship, he orders the ship down and then joins it later.

And what about the strange rites of these happy-go-lucky people? Can a girl from Boston submit to their pagan insistence on virginity? She watches as a native princess fails the public finger test and goes mad on the reefs. Could she pass? Could she even get a C plus with Satisfactory in Effort, Conduct, and Interacts with Group?

All this and more, mostly more water, is in "Hurricane."

Remember that when Sadie Thompson landed, she could only make "Rain."

HURRICANE - AMC Academy, K-B Baronet West, K-B Cerberus, Landover Mall, White Flint. CAPTION: Picture, MIA FARROW AND DAYTON KA'NE IN "HURRICANE."