Christina Maria Teresa Wagner, only child of Dr. and Mrs. Francis Stephen Wagner of Kensington, Md. was wed in a double ring ceremony on Easter Sunday to the Honorable Clifford Aaron Jones of Las Vegas, Nev. The April 15 Nuptial Mass was held in the chapel of historic Georgetown Visitation Convent in this city with the Very Rev. Dr. Ladislaus Iranyi, head of the Piarist Order in North American, officiating. Music of the baroque period was chosen by the bride; the Symphone de Fanfares by Jean-Josep Mouret was played during the processional and the happy couple left the chapel to the accompaniment of Marche Rovale by Jean-Baptiste Lully. Patricia Eveland, personal assistant to U.S. Rep. William Franzel (R. Minn.), was maid of honor. Fred Black Jr., a Washingtonian and former vice-president and chief lobbyist for North American Aviation, functioned as bestman. The reception was held at the Water-gate Hotel. The following evening the couple was feted at the Upperville, Va. estate of Liz Whitney Tippett.

The bride, an alumna of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, holds BA degrees in philosophy and psychology and an MLS from the University of Maryland. She served as editor and researcher in the Office of Presidential Speechwriting under Presidents Nixon and Ford. An actress, she has just completed a feature role in the motion picture, "Cataclysm," and will soon begin shooting the starring roles in the motion picture,"Bounty Girls," and the television movie, "7 Elevens."

Mr. Jones, an attorney with international business interests, is a graduate of the University of Missouri Law School and senior partner in the law firm of Jones, Jones, Bell, Close & Brown in Las Vegas. He was builder, owner and president of Las Vegas' Thunderbird Hotel, founder and owner of First Western Savings and Loan, as well as a founder of the Valley Bank of Nevada. Elected to two consecutive terms as Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, he is past majority leader of the Nevada Legislature, a former judge and four-time delegate to the Democratic National Convention. He received decorations in WWII serving as a lieutenant colonel with the Third and Ninth Armies.

The bride's father is an internationally published historian and lecturer, and has earned doctorates in history, philosophy, and literature. Dr. Wagner is a longtime staff member of the Library of Congress whose career has spanned that of professor, member of Hungary's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education, and Hungarian Consul Genreal to Czechoslovakia from 1946-1948.

Among the honored guests were: Baron Erik von Buelow of Los Angeles; Major General and Mrs. Guy Hairston of Virginia; Colonel and Mrs. Cloyce Tippett of Virginia, Florida, and California; Mr. Sam Ellis of the Bahamas; Mr. Linnaeus Alexander of San Francisco; and Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Colonna-Walewski-Montague of Baltimore.

The newlyweds' honyeymoon will be a trip aroung the world and they will take up residence in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. CAPTION: Picture, no caption.