Poor old dracula, up not only all night, but all season.He's on the stage, he's on the screen - everybody seems to have a stake in him. He's turned into a vampire empire.

That kind of thing opens a person to ridicule, even an elderly eastern European nobleman. The newest of th ese is "Love at First Bite," in which Count Dracula, forced to move from his ancestral castle by an unsympathetic government committee, goes to New York City. "Without me," he warns in a parting shot, "Transylvania will be as exciting as bucharest on a Monday night."

New York is more exciting, with scary-looking women in herbal masques and the possibility of sticking up blood banks. It is a change for Count Dracula, weary of dressing like a headwaiter and living on a liquid protein diet, which his servant occasionally forgets should be served at body temperature.

And so on. You see how easy it is to pick on a character known to have a peculiar habits. This film does so, in the best tradition of fifth-grade humor or, depending on your educational institution, college humor.

This sort of humor, as you can be forced to admit when your child corners you and tells it to you, can be funny, no matter how much you try to squiet it down with good taste. Blood jokes and death jokes naturally inspire other forms of tastelessness, all done with good-natured blatancy. Not only are there Cadillac-crazy blacks and a heroine who declares that "A career to a woman is like fooling around to a man-it's a lot of fun until the right person comes along," But there is a joke based on the premise that the Plaza Hotel, where much of this is filmed, has roaches.

Nothing sacred, nothing subtle.

George Hamilton plays a sort of designer Dracula, all dapper and aware that he is dressed for any occasion, Arte Johnson has a wickedly noisy foem of inhaling that serves to establish his servant, and Susan Saint James makes a very modern victim, to whom a man with a kinky bite is no worse than a lot of things. The most original and peppy performance is that of Dick Benjamin as a Jeffery Roseberg, a psychiatrist who is the grandson of Dracula's old enemy. Dr. Max Von Helsing, but has changed his name for professional reasons.

Loveat first bite-AMC Carrollton, AMC Skyline, Andrews Manor, Beacon Mall, Fair City Mall, K-B Fine Arts, Landover Mall, Springfield Cinema, Tysons Cinema and White Flint 5. CAPTION: Picture, GEORGE HAMILTON AS DRACULA IN "LOVE AT FIRST BITE."