Journalism, former Look managing editor John Durniak said a month ago, "is Darwinism. It is the real proof of the survival of the fittest."

Durniak, once picture editor of Time, was talking of the past year he had spent resurrecting Look.

"We did it," he said. "We made it work and it will survive."

"We did it," he said. "We made it work and it will survive."

Two weeks later John Durniak was fired. He is one of aout 15 Look editorial staffers to get the ax since the biweekly began publishing again three months ago. Then a few days after Durniak's departure, executive editor Marianne Partridge quit. Former assistant managing editor Curtiss Anderson has become managing editor/text, while picture editor Eliane Laffont has become managing editor/phot.

"John Durniak was a very nice man," says Look editor and president Bob Gutwillig, "who hired a staff to publish a weekly. When I decided that we just couldn't publish a weekly, there were a lot of bruised egos. John and some of his editorial staff couldn't convert their concepts to a biweekly, so I had to fire them.

"Marianne was a different story. I had convinced her that Look was the most important thing in the world, and she decided that starting a new life with her new husband was more important."

Gutwillig, whose Southern California style is not common in the high-power publishing world, says "What I want to have around me is a small highly professional, highly compatible staff. I'm having a hell of a good time and I want to keep having a fun. I don't want to be surrounded by bitching."

Are there more firings in the works?

"I don't think so," says Gutwillig. "But it always depends on how I feel when I get up in the morning."