The destructive earthquake that struck Yugoslavia recently will have only minimal effect on tourism facilities, though some visitors may be frightened away this season.

Cavtat, Dubrovnik, the islands, and all resorts north of Dubrovnik will not be affected by the earthquake -- except that some tourists booked in Montenegrin resorts may transfer to the Northern Adriactic.

Virtually all the destruction to tourist installations was concentrated on Montenegro's coastline from the town of Hercegnovi on the Bay of Kotor to the Albanian border, an area which accounts for 10 percent of Yugoslay receipts from foreign tourism. Approximately 60 percent of the hotels will have to be demolished as a result of the earthquake. In the others, the tourist season will not begin until at least the end of May. Revenues from Montenegrin tourism are likely to drop by half.

Here Here is a resort-by-resort guide of the damage:

HERCEGNOVI: The main hotel, the Boka, destroyed.

KOTOR: Two hotels destroyed.

BUDVA: Five out of eight hotels destroyed.

SVETI STEFAN and MILOCER (luxury accomodation): All hotels unaffected.

SUTOMORE: Two out of four hotels unusable.

PETROVAC: Three out of four hotels destroyed.

BAR: One hotel destoyed.

ULCINJ: Two hotels destroyed, half a dozen others usable.

In addition, 80 percent of the 100,000 private rooms usually available will not be inhabitable by tourists. The hotel accommodation most affected is of the package type, rather than luxury class. Out of 20,000 beds in hotels, some 12,000 will be unavailable.