The last time we were all serious about wearing suits, we usually opted for those that come with perfect suit-blouses. And we always wore them the same way, with matching pumps and bags. Gloves and hats were derigueur .

There are lot of suits around this spring, largely because many women are tired of pulling together loose parts and prefer the simplicity of a matched outfit. The clincher is that the best of the current suits can be worn with other things, as well as matched.

We have taken Larry Levine's linen-like suit in white and added a belt for the office. We've omitted the blouse (intentionally), but a silk shirt, a T-shirt or, of course, removing the belt are other options. We've teamed the whole suit with a turquoise silk camisole for evenings; the jacket with jeans for the weekend; and the skirt with a cotton knit pullover for office or later.

The suit is about $95, at Saks Fifth Avenue (in white and off-white), Garfinckel's (off-white and navy) and Raleighs (white, brown and navy). (Cotton knit sweater and silk shirts from Garfinckel's.) CAPTION: Picture 1, Four variations on the same suit: the skirt alone with a knit pullover; Picture 2, a belted version for the office; Picture 3, with a silk camisole for evenings; Picture 4, and the jacket with jeans for the weekend, by Douglas Chevalier - The Washington Post.