"I enjoyed you in the shower this morning," one member of Congress told WRC radio personalities Jim and Camille Bohannon at the spring bash thrown by WRC Radio ("The Talk of the Town") last night at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom.

For absolutely nothing more than public relations and fun, local radio and television celebrities from the station turned out to greet the network brass from NBC, plus such members of Congress as Sen, Jacob Javits (R-N.Y.), Sen. Edward Zorinsky (D-Neb.) and Rep. Lionel Van Deerlin (D-Calif.), chairman of the subcommittee on communications. Also there were FCC commissioners along with Chairman Charlie Ferris and local advertisers.

Liberal Tom Braden and conservative Pat Buchanan, who host a call-in show in the afternoon, were there. So was political consultant and Saturday morning talk show host Mark Shields-fresh from political consulting for Democrats on the Cleveland mayoral race.

WRC vice president and general manager Frank Scott, looking like a silver gray pompadoured-and-tanned version of Billy Graham (there is a startling resemblance) beamed gracefully throughout the entire party. He was happy as much at the turnout as at what he says is a steady climb in listenership for the radio station, which has gone from news to news-talk and finally to mostly talk in the past four years.

"They're doing better-not terrific yet, but better," said Bob Mounty, executive vice president of AM stations for NBC, of WRC.

Among the New York NBC imports at last night's party was Irwin Segelstein, sometimes known as NBC head Fred Silverman's right-hand man, who defined his title as "executive vice president comma broadcasting comma NBC."

Also there was 29-year-old Betty Hudson, an NBC corporate vice president, who clearly stood out, partially because she stands 6-feet-1 and was wearing white heels with her white suit. She is also strikingly attractive, and talked easily with "the boys" in her deep friendly voice.

Washington satirist Mark Russell entertained the crowd (as did the big band of Hill Herwood and Capitol Hill) but unfortunately between the talking and the eating of an impressive array of food, his words were somewhat lost on the noisy crowd. Nonetheless he managed some characteristic zingers-"A guy called in on the Buchanan and Braden show and said he was going to commit suicide. Tom Braden advised the guy to consult a social worker. Buchanan told him to jump." CAPTION: Picture, From Left; Irwin Segelstein, Majorie Margolies, Sara Lee Kessler and Pete Wysocki; by Linda Wheeler