Unless you have rock-throwing children, barking dogs or a penchant for borrowing tools, you can go months without seeing your neighbors.

Before you say, "And a good thing, too," remember last winter when only herculean efforts or the cooperation of the whole block got everyone shoveled out and off to work.

But rather than wait for the next blizzard, you can promte neighborliness with a block party. And promote you must. Though permission to close off a street varies from place to place, all require the consent of people living on it.

Block parties can be just for fun, or to raise money for trees, flowers or the Children's Lemonade Consortium. Or you could charge yourself (and your neighbors) admission to pay for entertainment like the Blue Sky Puppet Theater.

They'll get you ready for 1980 by performing a political satire called "The Puppet President." The two-person company charges $100; 4-person, $200; $927-5599.

Following are permit requirments for the various jurisdictions. All insist emergency vehicles be able to get through - no immovable objects in the center of the street.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - For an application, write the Office of the Executive Secretary, Administrative Issuance Section, Room 521, District Building, Washington, D.C. 20004. Attention Clifton Posey or Barbara Eaton. You'll need signatures of 51 percent of the adult householders on the block (if your block has a large apartment building, signature of the resident manager will do) and the names of three sponsors. Although they can process applications in four to five working days, it's better to allow two weeks. Blocks can be closed from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

ARLINGTON COUNTY - Persons applying for a permit must go to Room 221, Traffic Engineering Division, South Wing of the Courthouse, 1400 N. Courthouse Rd., Arlington. Consent of people on the block is required, the party must end by 11 p.m. and no alcoholic beverages are allowed. Allow a week for permission. The county will drop off barricades if requested.

FAIRFAX COUNTY - Street closings are at the discretion of the district commanders. If you want your block closed, make the request in writing to the district commander where you live, preferably accompanied by a petition signed by block residents. One objection and the block stays open. Requests should be made two weeks in advance and neither alcohol nor fires are allowed.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY - For county roads only (check local police stations for information on streets in incorporated areas), write at least two weeks in advance to: Ronald Welke, Dept. of Transportation, Division of Traffic Engineering, Department of Public Works, 6110 Executive Blvd., Rockville, Md. 20852. Include a petition signed by people on the block, list both the date you want the street closed and a rain date, and give a telephone number where the sponsor can be reached. They'll call to let you know if the request has been approved.

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY - Write to Cpl. Tony Mileo, Prince George's County Police, 3415 N. Forestedge Rd., Forestville, Md. 20028, giving the date and time you want the street closed off and a rain date. They need a petition signed by 50 percent of the block residents, a drawing of the street indicating intersecting roads, a phone number where they can contact a sponsor, and two weeks notice. The street must be opened again at sunset. CAPTION: Picture, no caption, by Larry Morris - The Washington Post