Ways to hide a naked scalp:

TRANSPLANTS: For those who can afford it, this surgical procedure may take several months to complete and cost thousands of dollars, but leading practitioners say it lasts a lifetime. Unlike other methods, it's your own hair growing up there.

FIBER IMPLANTS: Caution. Synthetic fibers embedded in the scalp are under investigation by the FDA.

SUTURE IMPLANTS: Several suture fibers are sewn into the scalp and a hairpiece attached. One Washington dermatologist charges $200 to $400 for the sutures. Possible problems of infection.

HAIR WEAVING: A non-surgical way to secure a hairpiece. Portions of hair in the side of the head are braided, to which the hairpiece is anchored. Because the side fringes grow, the hairpiece must be reanchored every few weeks. The best weaves can cost $600 with a $20 charge for reanchoring.

HAIR FUSION: Much like the hair-weaving process except the hairpiece is "glued" instead of tied to the braided hair. The cost is about the same.

HAIRPIECES: Wigs and toupees made from synthetic or natural hair attached to the scalp by various adhesives. Good toupees for men range from $250 to $500 or more for custom-made. They need regular cleaning and must be replaced every few years.