The Gasoline Attitude Survey (GAS) that follows tests your reaction toward the gasoline shortage that has started affecting the country. The GAS Test was devised while waiting in line for a fill-up as a diversion from wondering if the fuel gauge would hit "E" before the temperature guage hit "H" or the gas station ran out of unleaded.

1. The most important trait to look for in a potential spouse is:

a. sex appeal

b. a sense of humor.

c. License plates ending in an odd number if yours end in an even number.

2. The most memorable aspect of the year 1972 was:

A. the reelection of Richard Nixon.

b. that people were not yet thinking about the Bicentennial.

c. that gasoline sold for under 40 cents a gallon.

3. I plan to spend my weekend by:

A. seeing a movie.

b. going on a pinic.

c. camping overnight near a gas station.

4. The hottes ticket around is for:

a. The Bullets' game Friday night.

b. The tour of Elvis' Graceland Mansion.

c. A seat on AMTRAK.

5. The most popular phrase in the country is:

a. Na-no na-no.

b. A bushel of wheat for a barrel of oil.

c. If you cut in front of me I'll twist your fender around your neck.

6. While waiting in line for gas a car pulls in front of you. The occupant is a very pregnant woman who explains she is on her way to the hospital to give birth and is low on gas. You should:

a. Let her in front of you.

b. Let her in front of you and offer boiling water from your overheating radiator if she should need it.

c. Tell her if she cuts in front of you, you'll twist her fender around her neck.

7. How do you spell relief?

a. R-e-l-i-e-f.

b. R-o-l-a-i-d-s.

c. D-i-e-s-e-l.

8. The most important geographical aspect of the nation is:

a. The industrial North versus the sunbelt.

b. State's right versus Washington.

c. Cars with out-of-state liscense plates can get gas seven days a week.

9. I plan to spend my summer vacation by:

a. Taking a cross-country drive to see America.

b. Driving to Iowa for my parents' fifieth anniversary.

c. Buying an inflatable pool for the backyard.

10. The most equitable gasoline rationing plan is:

a. One based on traditional driving habits.

b. One That gives equal amounts of gas to everyone.

c. More for me, less for you. RESULTS

Count the number of times you answered with the letter "c" and compare it with the analysis below for your Gasoline Attitude.

0 - you work for an oil company.

1 to 3 - You don't own a car or you have a chauffeur.

4 to 6 - You are a normal, suspicious American citizen.

7 to 9 - You own three cars, all with even number plates, or you live in California.

10 - Your're Ralph Nader.