CAPTION: ( )Picture 1, They're rocking all over the Caribbean in this handsome mahogany and leather chair and, if you should have the desire, you can fold it up and steal into the night. The Costa Rican invention has been a hit with restaurateurs in St. Maarten, among other places, and one of them, now here, is importing the collapsible version. In heavy leather, suede or tooled leather backs. Order from: Caribe Imports, 4700 Southland Ave., Alexandria, Va. 22312 (703-256-8803). Two sizes: $89.95 and $115. Photo by Gerald Martineau - The Washington Post; Picture 2, If your jogging time interferes with the evening news or if you jog better to the beat of Donna Summer, strap this lightweight radio across your chest and keep plugging. The Runner's Radio by Randix. Woodward/Lothrap (stationer), $15.95. Photo by Tom Allen - The Washington Post; Picture 3, If you're not embarrassed to let the world see what you carry in your purse, try a clear vinyl should bag. For starters, it comes with some vaguely punk-looking items incorporated into the design. (This particular one, with palm trees and shades, is perfect for vacations.) It's made for Off Beat Products in California (where else?) by Carole Korver. From Design International, 1323 Connecticut Ave. NW. $16. Photo by Tom Allen - The Washington Post