Princess Lee Radziwill, Mrs. Kennedy's sister, told me the story. Now, when Mr. Vidal brought this lawsuit against me, Princess Lee Radziwill - the delicious, the delightful, the beautiful, the divine Lee Radziwill - she indicated that she would be delighted to give a deposition in my behalf, she seemed to think the whole thing was some kind of joke. Well, my lawyer, who happened to have been her lawyer - well, he was the lawyer who arranged her divorce case - he called her and said, "when can we get this deposition," and she made a date with him.

Well, on the day of the date to give the deposition she said she would have to postpone it. And then in the long run she said that she did not want to give the deposition at all. At this point my lawyer said, "You know, this is very serious because if she'd given really, I don't think Gore Vidal would have proceeded with the case. But since she won't give the deposition what you should do is subpoena her, and make her give the deposition."

And I said "NO, I won't do that because she's an old friend of mine and if she doesn't want to give you the deposition, I don't understand why, but forget it."

So, time moves on and the case goes on and on, and finally I decided to go for what is called a summary judgment - that's because my legal expenses are getting so vast - I decided to take the risk of asking a judge to rule on whether the case has legal merit or not, with the assumption that the judge will say that the case has no legal merit and therefore that would be the end of it. At which time all these depositions were released, were published . . . The bottom line is that after having refused to give me the deposition, the beautiful, exquisite Princess Radziwill had, unbeknownst to me and rather secretly, she gave a deposition in behalf of Gore Vidal..

This girl had been a tremendous friend of mine and I had shown her a great deal of loyalty, to put it mildly, and that she would turn around and give a deposition saying that she had never told me this story about the White House and that, in effect, I was a liar, was really quite amazing.

Just the other day a reporter called her up and asked her why had she done this.

(Radziwill) "Oh, well, you know, I mean, this is just a quarrel between two fags. That's all they are, they're just a pair of fags. And I think it's disgusting and the bottom of the barrel to be dragged into this quarrel between two fags . . ."

Okay. As we all know, a fag is a homosexual gentleman who has just left the room. Unfortunately for the Principessa, I had not left the room.

And I'll tell you something about fags, especially Southern fags. We is mean.

A Southern fag is meaner than the meanest rattler you ever met. I know this crazy Southern fag that was on Johnny Carson's show and he said about that lovely Jacqueline Susann, he said about her that she looked like a truck driver in drag. That's how crazy that Southern fag is. I mean, there's just no holding them, you know?

I mean that Jacqueline Susann should have won the Nobel Prize, she was such a great artist, but you know they only give those Nobel prizes to fags.

But however, I know that Lee wouldn't want me tellin' none of this, but you know us Southern fags, we just can't keep our mouths shut.I mean other fags is different. Northern fags is different from Southern fags . .

And Russian fags and Chinese fags, why, you'd hardly know they was fags at all!

I mean, there's all that political suppression and everything. But us Southern fags is just a silly bunch of girls. And we just can't keep our mouths shut. So I know that Lee really wouldn't want me telling all this, but you know how it is, it's in our blood somehow. We're just mean.

This lady, you know, she calls herself a rpincess. Now I always thought a princess was a daughter of a king and queen you know, but she's not, but nevertheless she calls herself princess. Princess Lee Radziwill, that's her name. Well, I know she wouldn't want me tellin' you any of this but I just can't resist it somehow. It's just in my blood.

Now if you remember the other day, she was gonna marry this nice gentleman in San Francisco . . . called Newton Cope . . .

Oh, wasn't that somethin', and she didn't show up at the wedding? Ah, and now she says she's going to marry him in September. Well would you like to know what she really said about Mr. Newton Cope? She said that maybe Mr. Newton Cope would be considered quite a catch in a little provincial town like San Francisco, but he wasn't such a catch as far as she was concerned.

SIEGEL: We seldom hear on this show, or any other television show, of a Southern fag. What is that exactly?

CAPOTE: They're just the meanest kind.

SIEGEL: That's someone who is gay?

CAPOTE: Sure. I told you, a fag is a homosexual gentleman, who just left the room.

SIEGEL: So you did. Would you characterize yourself that way?

CAPOTE: Of course not. I'm playing a part.

SIEGEL: Are you telling us that you're not a homosexual?

CAPOTE: Of course I'm a homosexual. Don't be so stupid!

SIEGEL: But you said you were not a Southern fag.

CAPOTE: Well, I'm Southern, and I'm a homosexual, but homosexuals, generally speaking, do not refer to themselves as fags - or pansies or queers.

SIEGEL: There's much talk now that Teddy Kennedy might run for president. What would be your opinion about that?

CAPOTE: Well, I wouldn't particularly care to see it at all because he's a highly unstable gentleman.

SIEGEL: What makes you say that?

CAPOTE: Well, I've seen him behave in very unstable manners. And he's just not a person who seems to me to be very reliable. I think that anybody examining his past history . . . I don't have to go into that.

SIEGEL: When have you seen him unstable?

CAPOTE: Well, you know, he's a person given to outbursts of various kinds when he's had something to drink.

SIEGEL: What kind of outbursts?

CAPOTE: Well now, I really don't want to risk a lawsuit, so I'm not going to say. CAPTION: Picture 1, Truman Capote, by Donald F. Holway; Picture 2, Lee Radziwill, by UPI