NO TIME FOR BREAKFAST - Inner Circle. With subtitles.

A hotshot doctor is too busy to spend time at home - busy not only making star appearances at hospital bedsides, but visiting the bed of a clingy sex object who also cooks the best beef stew in town. As you would expect, things in the doctor's home, fitted as it is with every luxury, are falling apart. The teen-age son is caught stealing, the daughter is caught pregnant and the long-suffering spouse has taken up with a good-looking athlete.

"All you care about is keeping up appearances," they tell the doctor.

But wait. The great doctor is mortal, after all. The frantic life is accompanied by frantic smoking. The smoking is accompanied by a cough. The cough. . .

Just another day at the soaps, except that the doctor, in "No Time for Breakfast," is a woman and the spouse and sex objects are men. And every time the son gets upset worrying about his virginity, he gets his hair done.

Role reversal does not make this French film any more interesting than its summary suggests. However, the 1976 effort, starring Annie Girardot, was the forerunner of the funny and fresh role-reversal film "Dear Inspector," in which Girardot played a women police inspector.

The difference is that Girardot played the inspector role as a woman, whose enthusiasm and competence at the job did not make a small man of her. Here was a real and refreshing woman, at the height of her career, with the dash and excitement of a police inspector added to the personal life of a woman. But her tough little chain-smoking doctor, unaware that parenting involves more than dinner out with a child once a month, is a parody of a man.

It should not be counted in what could be the Annie Career Girl Series for Middle-Aged Professionals. CAPTION: Picture, ANNIE GIRARDOT, CENTER, IN "NO TIME FOR BREAKFAST."