An incorrect telephone number was given for details of the Upperville Colt and Horse Show in Friday's Weekend section. The correct number is 703 - 592-3858. CAPTION: (NEW-LINE)Picture, OVER THE JUMPS IN A SHOW, NOT A STEEPLECHASE.

For 126 years horses and Upperville, Virginia, have been synonymous, especially in early June. The Upperville Colt and Horse Show, first staged in 1853, is more than a horse show - it's a scene, a happening, a Woodstock without noise, except for the occasional squeal of delight when some tiny lass wins a blue ribbon or the crowd's roar when a horse and rider make a clean round over the intricate jump course in Sunday's $15,000 Jumper Classic. But mainly it's a subdued quiet, a country-fair without a midway, a retreat for those who know, appreciate and enjoy show horses. The show seems to run itself, from the early-morning classes to its daily close at 6.

It all takes place (except for Sunday's Jumper Classic at Salem Farm) in oak-shaded Grafton ring. It has always taken place in Grafton ring. The battered stands have been rebuilt a dozen times and new paint has been splashed on a fence or two, but the ground, the oaks and the cool quiet are still the same Currier and Ives scene.

There'll be horses from Canada, Mexico, California, the Midwest and from the vast show country along the Atlantic seaboard, all seeking an Upperville tricolor (championship ribbon), which is to a show horse what the winner's take of a $100,000 stakes is to a racehorse.

All proceeds from this year's show will be donated to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association. General admission through Saturday is $1 for adults, 50 cents for children under 12; Sunday's Jumper Classic will be $3 for adults, $1 for children. For details, call 703/582-3858.