CAPTION: ( )Picture 1, You, too, can sleep on the Porthault linens preferred by kings and queens - at 30 to 50 percent less. The American-made versions are made of the genuine soft-as-silk French Porthault cotton prints with the traditional scalloped trim. Each item is custom-made. Call Fabrications by Jane Wilner, 244-7618. Porthault boudoir pillow $36. Porthault neckroll $37. by Tom Allen - The Washington Post; Picture 2, Taking off for the weekend with the Concorde may not be as expensive as it sounds. There's now a durable, good-looking flight bag with either the British Airways or Air France insignia on one side and the Concorde logo on the other. The pewter nylon bag expands to 16-by-10-by-9 inches, and one weekend you might like to test the claim that it holds three magnums of champagne. Available at the Concorde lounges of New York's Kennedy Airport and Bloomingdale's (men's accessories), $30.; Picture 3, What's good for egg foo yung is also good for homemade cookies, picnics, leftovers or to enclose a small gift. These traditional Chinese take-out containers of cardboard are done in colorful polka dots and have many uses. In three sizes at The Written Word, 1054 31st St., NW. and 1365 Connecticut Ave., NW. 30, 40 and 50 cents. by Doug Chevalier - The Washington Post; Picture 4, There are some new faces around. If you're lucky, you might find one that reminds you of your best friend or one slightly resembling your mother-in-law. The Ethiopian dolls' heads, each a unique clay caricature, are waiting to be recognized. At Nuevo Mundo, 313 Cameron St., Alexandria. $12- $16. by Gerald Martineau - The Washington Post