A lot of people don't believe in astrology. They think it's a lot of trash.

They can't understand how any intelligent person could possibly see anything to it all all.

If you are one of those, then stop reading.

Because this piece is all about politicans, presidential candidates like Carter, Kennedy, Brown, Connally, Baker, Dole, Reagan and Mondale.

It is about their astrological-psychological profiles and it tells which one of them has the likeliest chance of becoming president, the best astrological timing, the most favorable aspects.

So you wouldn't be interested.

Svetlana Godillo, the prominent Washington astrologer, was once a skeptic too. She thought astrology was ridiculous. She still has her reservations.

"That," she proclaims, "is why I am good."

"Sometimes," she says, in her thick, lilting East European accent, "astrology doesn't work. I got into astrology to prove to my girlfriend it was all nonsense. The scientific side of me still rebels against it. Everytime I look at a chart I say, this time it will not work. But it usually works abut 80 percent of the time. I would not stake my life on my charts. I would simply use them as additional data, something to shed another light. But to take them just by themselves, never."

Svetlana (Capricorn) nevertheless has been reading charts for years in Washington for politicans, administration officals and journalists. She now has clients who fly in from different parts of the country. About 25 percent of her clients, she says, are politicans.

"If I would be totally sure of astrology," she says, "I would not be sweating every election. The last election I had three clients who were candidates I had urged to run. There I was sweating all night, thinking of the money, the time, the energy . . . and that I might be wrong."

What she does think is worthwhile and consistently accurate about her charts is that "it gives a wonderful psychological profile of the person, and based on the psychological strength, plus the timing, you can pretty well preduct whether a chart is up or down."

She is sitting in her plant-filled apartment on Massachusetts Avenue, chain-smoking, shuffling through her political charts she dug up one morning this week and re-read. She is very matter-of-fact about her candidates, very apolitical. She does not have favorite candidates, she has favorite charts. And as she begins her analyses she will say, more than once, shaking her dark head, "I don't know why it works. All I know is that when I do it it seems to work consistently. That's why I use it."

She picks up Jimmy Carter's chart and grimaces.

On Jimmy Carter (Libra):

"Jimmy Carter is on an awfully bad slide astrologically. It started in April going down, down, down. His chickens are coming home to roost. I do not see, frankly, that this man will run. I put it this way. If there is an opponent with a weaker chart he may. But I would have to wait and see the events from October to November of this year to eb sure. I think with the tenor of the chart now, whetrer he likes it or not, he may not be nominated. I don't see him stepping down by choice.

The problems with Carter's psychological profile are these: "He has delusions of grandeur. He thinks he can learn everything. Can you imagine anybody today who can learn everything from nuclear power on down? This is one reason he doesn't accept advice. He thinks he is superior. He wants to be loved by everyone, admired by everyone."

Godillo thinks that even Carter's rejection of the symbols of power, of the presidency - not allowing "Hail to the Chief" to be played - was "just to attract attention to himself . . . It's all self-promotion.

She believes that his relationship with Rosalynn (Leo) is a deep and true one. "They are lovers," she says, "and she loves him very much. But she doesn't play any role. Hers is an innocuous chart. She is a nice human being who loves her husband. Jimmy can do no wrong. Anybody who is that blinded by love, you cannot ask them to see the flaws."

Carter adds Godillo, "is in a state where everything that was wishy-washy is just going to get worse. He is under trememdous mental stress. Theee is need for a rest."

On Fritz Mondale (Capricorn):

"Mondale's chart shows a change in partners, some readjustment of partners. I have not seen his wife's chart but if it is not the marriage then it must be the presidency. He shows a very strong chart, stronger than Carter's. He shows many changes. I see him change status. Carter is so wrapped up in himself. Look at Mondale. He is so unwrapped up in himself.

"he always reminded me of a good Boy Scout. He needs this message from me. He is an incredibly nice and intelligent man. He believes in helping the poor and the sick. There is a strong work ethic there. But he is too impressed with his elders (in this case, Jimmy Carter). He is too deferential and has too much respect. He permits himself to acquiesce. He has his own opinions but he will not contradict. But he should speak out more."

On Ted Kennedy (Pisces):

"I think, by golly, he might be drafted. His chart looks very strong. He will, of course, get mauled by the Chappaquiddick thing in the next few months. And anything that has to do with women. Teddy has been manipulated all his life by his family. He has tried to escape it but he can't. If he had his own wish he would be a playboy and go off on a yacht. He has no power drive. He would like to escape it. I have always felt that Chappaquiddick was one of his attempts to escape it. I always feel with his chart, I wish I could remove the pressure from him so he could have a good time.

"Rocky (Cancer) and an interesting chart in that way. He could have been an actor or an artist. But he had pressure on him to spend part of his life in public service. But he was more aligned with it than Teddy. With Teddy it's more of an imposition."

Godillo's advice to Teddy: "Don't run. Chuch it. Do something you have always wanted to do. Be happy. Have a good time. Enjoy yourself. Eat good food. Swim. Forget about politics. Resist the pressure. Oh, you would love it. But I don't think you can resist."

Svetlana Godillo says that if she had to compare Carter's chart to Teddy's chart right now that, "Teddy has a much stronger chart. There is also a suddenness on the chart. And there is much stronger pressure on Teddy's chart which most people cannot resist. For 1979-1980 the aspects on Carter's chart pull down, the aspects on Teddy's chart pull up."

There are, says Godillo, three ingredients in a chart which are important.

First, she says, there is the "natal strength. What kind of fortitude this person has. How they can cope with what they are seeking."

The second is "timing. Baby you might be the greatest, but if's not you're time, you'll flounder. In any other time in the United States, Carter, with his chart, would never have made it. If he had run against Rocky, Rocky would have won. His chart at that time was loaded. But with Carter and Ford, both charts were weak.If there had been a strong opponent running against either, they both would have been pulverized. It was Carter's best time then."

The third thing, she says, is the evaluation of the combination of psychological strength and the timing."When David beat Goliath," she says, "Goliath's chart must have been going down, down, down."

On Jerry Brown (Aries):

"I think he's going to get married. Brown has lots of aspects but they all look personal. I would say in his private life he is kind of joyful right now.

"I really don't think he will run. He may run but if he runs it will be for fun.He's just not serious enough. He'd rather talk about flowers and women and the universe. He's got women all over his chart. He has a creative chart. I always wondered if he should be a sculptor. I frankly don't think he's strong enough to withstand the presidency, or even to want it. But if I pit him against Carter I can have him win. I cannot pit his chart against Kennedy. Kennedy wins."

On Howard Baker (Scorpio):

"One candidate who looks politically strong is Baker. He is at a time in his life where he has a very strong chart. He has the possibility to go into sudden prominence. I am so surprised by this chart. My impression of Baker had been of somebody very steady but sorts of da-de-da. Now I would almost make a statement that people will be surprised by his campaign. He will be an untiring candidate. He runs, and runs very hard. And he will be quite dramatic. I had never seen it in him before.

"But there is a sense of drama on which he may capitalize. He has a powerhouse chart."

On John Connally (Pisces):

"He will probably peak in 1979. It's a magnificent, fantastic orator's chart. But I get the feeling he would rather have a good oratorial scrap than be president. He enjoys his dramatic appearances. Connally might be one to pulverize Carter if he took him on because he could destroy the self image of Carter. If I were Connally I would run the campaign zeroing in on Carter's image. But I don't think Connally would like to be president. He's a Cicero but not a Julius. He gets carried away with his oratory. He really enjoys a good fight. But he could not do that as president."

On Ronald Reagon (Aquarius):

"It doesn't look to me at all like he's got anything. He has a very weak chart. No aspects."

On George Bush (Gemini):

"He doesn't look too hot either. He doesn't have enough impact. But in his case it depends on who runs against him."

On Bob Dole (Cancer):

"He will be out of the running by 1980. He does not have any aspects unless he runs against an amoeba. He is incredibly, intensely emotional. I cannot say that common sense is missing but he feels very passionately and it carries him away. He is out of the running. He peters out. Dole shouldn't go after Carter. It will have the same effect Eagleton had on Nixon, it would benefit the opponent's chart. He would only enhance Carter."

Svetlana Godillo, throughout the conversation, keeps coming back to Jimmy Carter, time and time again. She seems hooked on him in some way, as though the mere fact of his presidency has defied the charts.

There are three kinds of politicans," she explains."The actor, which is Carter; those who want power, like Nixon, and those who have a general public-service drive, like Mondale.

"Carter is the actor. He likes the glamor. He doesn't want to lose his audience. He will seem a little better in October. July and August may give him a chance to pull a few chestnuts out of the fire. But the problem is that anybody who thinks he can learn about everything . . . well, almost every other president has accepted the fact that they need advisers, experts in certain fields. This comes from his nature."

The difference, she says, between Nixon and Carter is that "one (Carter) is a man who wants everybody to pat him on the head and the other (Nixon) is a man who wants you to say how marvelous he is because he will go down in history. Jimmy Carter has the chart of an office worker who is always accomodating to all the other office workers, but innocuous. The kind of chart where you would say, 'Ah, Joe Schmidt is a nice decent person.' His chart lacks greatness, whether evil greatness or good greatness, it just doesn't have it."

If Jimmy Carter were Godillo's client she would try to advise him, she says, but she's not sure he would take it.

"I would probably tell him to try to be more aware of himself," she says. "He might try, but it would be hard. I would say, 'Beware of your illusions and delusions in thinking you're so bright. Get somebody to help you. Get some advisors, some experts. Stop trying to be brilliant.'

"I don't know to what extent he can do that," she says. "He hates to have his image of himself spoiled. He sees the trees, he does not see the forest. But he thinks he sees the forest. I would tell him to prepare for changes. I would tell him to watch for mental stress.

"I would say to him, 'Buddy, you're being stripped. Your core is being put on the line.Either you have it or not. But Jimmy Carter has a martyrdom degree in his chart. Gandhi had it too."

She smiles and shrugs, her giant black eyes flashing. "With this chart, Jimmy Carter would probably tell me to go to hell."

She leans back in her chair, lights another cigarette to add to the already filled ashtray and tosses the charts on the coffee table.

"You know," she says, "people are always asking me if I'm psychic." She grins. "I'm not psychic. This whole thing is like a horserace." CAPTION: Design, Signs of the presidential hopefuls, counterclockwise from right: Jimmy Carter, Howard Baker, Walter Mondale, Ronald Reagan, John Connally and Edward Kennedy, Jerry Brown, George Bush, and Robert Dole. Design by Bill Perkins - The Washington Post; Picture, Svetlana Godillo, by Yoichi R. Okamoto