The more one saw of "Moving On," the less certain it seemed that distinctive choreography and skilled performers are being produced in Washington. The six pieces on the program were, presumably, the best of 30 works auditioned by the Modern Dance Council for last night's showing at the Marvin Theatre to an audience that included many members of the American Dance Guild which is now convening in town.

Sharon Wyrrick used many variations on arced movement to work up to a dynamic passage in which a woman in a dress dips in and out of a group in blue that represents the waters. Beth Corning was able to resist the lilt of the "Annen Polka" with stiff plastique, lumbering cat leaps, a wild gaze and other notions contrary to music by the younger Johann Strauss, but excess moments killed her joke. Beth Easterly's dry study in disjointed and joined motions could conceivably be intriguing if superb technicians performed it, but her two-woman cast was student caliber.

Carla Perlo and Steve Bloom succeeded in making one look at drumming and the other gestures that produce music as if they were dance. Perlo concluded with the only movement that challenged a performer.

Diane Baumgartner's solo began with intricate spidery motion but became repetitive. Nancy Galeota's six dancers maintained tension in the quicker cotillion but not in slow forms. The program will be repeated tonight.