It's difficult to get a single grasp of all four pieces the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company perfomed last night at Tawes Theatre. The opening and closing pieces, "Marimba" and "North Star" were choreographed to the smooth-flowing repetitive music of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. The two middle pieces. "Up-Jump" and "The Time Before the Time After (After the Time Before)" to Ellington and Stravinsky, respectively, tended toward the angular and discordant. Lubovitch's work gave the feeling, both in individual dances and in the program as a whole, of dissonant impulses held in a fragile but rather fascinating balance.

Both "Up-Jump" and "The Time Before . . .," a duet danced beautifully by Christine Wright and Charles Martin, seemed to be made of isolated bits and pieces - as if the dance were a machine assembled by a clever mechanic from whatever happened to be around - and it worked.In "Up-Jump," the distancing was striking.

Lubovitch does Ellington with an edge of parody and a tinge of loss. Everything looks distant and tiny - as if one were watching the '50s through the wrong end of a telescope.

In "Marimba" the dancers move with a flowing, wave-like quality, carry simple, repetitive formations through subtle transformations, the movement sequences developing by an almost game-like logic."North Star" takes off where "Marimba" ends and goes beyond into richer, more convoluted structures. The piece boasts a stunning pair of quartets danced back to back and a memorable solo for Laura Gates, moving with the jerky intensity of a dancer under a strobe light.