Julia M. Dobson and Gerald S. Hawkins of Washington, D.C. were married June 9 in the Colorado College Shove Chapel, Colorado Springs. A reception was held in the ballroom of the Broadmoor Hotel. The bride, who wore an Edwardian ivory embroidered net dress belonging to her maternal grandmother, Jessie Van Anda, was given away by her parents, Donald Duane and Carolyn Van Anda Dobson of Colorado Springs. Her father, formerly with the U.S. Agency for International Development, is a retired geologist. The best man was Dr. John M. Dobson, historian at Iowa State University and the usher was Dr. Charles W. Dobson, psychologist at Augustana College (Ill.), brothers of the bride, and sister, Pamela Dobson, anthropologist, was matron of honor. Dr. Hawkins, astronomer and British-born son of the late Frederick Arthur and Annie Lilian Hawkins, is known for his books, "Stonehenge Decoded" and "Beyond Stonehenge," and he is the recipient of the Arthur S. Fleming Award as one of the ten outstanding young men in the U.S. Federal Service while at the Smithsonian Institution. Mrs. Hawkins has lectured on lingusitics in 22 countries and is the author of several books and articles in this field. Dr. Hawkins and his wife are both with the International Communication Agency and are members of the Cosmos and International Clubs, respectively. CAPTION: Picture, no caption