TV newswoman Barbara Walters says women who want careers should delay having children. She also believes the women's movement may have done "harm in the beginning "by making "you feel everything was possible: the perfect marriage, the perfect job, the perfect child."

"All of that may be possible, but it's not easy - it takes a lot of juggling, a lot of guilt, a lot of pulling in different directions," says Walters in an interview in the current issue of Parents magazine. "I am sure that if I had not had someone to live in, I couldn't have had this child (her 11-year-old adopted daughter, Jacqueline)."

Walters says women who want careers should delay having children "till your late 20s or early 30s when you are established enough to have help, as I did. Coping with a new marriage and a full-time career is very difficult."

The ABC News anchor women, who is divorced, says on the subject of introducing sex to her daughter: "When she was little, I got her all the little books. When she was very young, we used to take baths together, so she was used to my body and knew what a woman looked like. I think there are children who never know what their mothers' bodies look like.

"I've tried to talk to her about the difference between loving someone and not loving someone when you have any kind of sex with him, but I don't lecture. And I don't really know how much it matters. Occasionally, if there's a copy of Playboy around, she loves to look at the pictures. At first I wanted to take them away from her. Then I said, 'Oh, why?'"

Walters says that "without Jacqueline I would be able to travel without any guilt or tug. My life would be totally my own. But having Jackie gives a normality and sweetness to my life. She's my best friend."