CAPTION: ( )Picture 1, Washington's identity problems could be solved with this towel. A familiar formula has been adapted by some Washingtonphiles at Hecht's. The hugh white Springmaid towel should be a good conversation piece at the beach. New Yorkers, eat your hearts out. Hecht's towel department, $18.99. Photo by Vanessa R. Barnes - The Washington Post; Picture 2, Tout Washington is alligator-crazed this time of year, but if you like your gators (or crocodiles) on paper, this item could be for you. Fante's "Crocodile Pad" had 200 sheets of 7-by-5-inch white paper printed with "Nile green" and red creatures. Garfinckel's (stationery), $5. Photos by Margaret Thomas - The Washington Post; Picture 3, You don't "have" to have a napkin and flatware caddy for a picnic, but these clear acrylic compartmentalized carriers make for an orderly trip from house to hillside. The caddy has a wood base and also has many uses indoors. Kitchen Bazaar, $14.98.Photo by Vanessa Barnes - The Washington Post; Picture 4, Some are avoid and some are cylindrical. They're made of brass, bronze, colored crystal and ceramic, and most are one of a kind. Vases of the 1930s art moderne (art deco) period are from a varied collection at Jameson & Hawkins (1606 20th St. NW). Most are in the $35- $65 range, though the rarer pieces are more expensive. Photo by Harry Naltchayan - The Washington Post