Fashion doyenne Diana Vreeland was once known for a Harper's Bazaar column called "Why Don't You . . ." in which she offered seemingly outrageous suggestings as day-brighteners. Suggestions like:

(Why Don't You) rinse your blond child's hair in dead champagne to keep it gold, as they do in France? Or pat her face gently with cream before she goes to bed, as they do in England?

Now those suggestions no longer sound outrageous. Leftover champagne or flat beer - followed by a clear rinse - brighten the hair. Plain yogurt (as well as cream) is a splendid moisturizer and source of protein for the face.

Such healthy, natural suggestions are often easier and cheaper than their commercial counterparts. Here are a few more "why-don't-you" ideas for summer.

Place a thin slice of fresh cucumber on the eyes as compresses. (It soothes sun-puffed or otherwise swollen eyes.)

Use a banana (with half the skin) or an avocado for a moisturizing face mask. Blend one or the other with a tablespoon of raw honey.

Puree a whole ripe tomato with a fork or in the blender and use as a mask for oily skin. (Wash off with cold water in 20 minutes.)

Try used tea bags for taking the sting out of sunburn; also good as an eye compress for tired eyes.

Use a natural cider-vinegar compress to relieve sunburn. Follow with a gentle rub of polyunsaturated salad oil.

Use cocoa butter to soften skin.

Whip up an egg white and apply as a facial. When rinsed off, surface skin debris washes away.

Use cod-liver oil, baby oil, mineral oil and even salad oil as a moisturizer.

Rub a raw potato peel on the face to help clear up blemishes.

Make a paste of baking soda and water and leave on nails to strengthen them.

Try camomile tea as a hair rinse.

Add an egg to your shampoo.

Apply yogurt for relief from sunburn.

Use lemon juice to highlight hair, vinegar in the final hair rinse.

Mix sugar and water tohelp slick back hair.