"They're playing their hearts out for you and you're walking away," said one noontime stroller to another yesterday as the music of the Kingsmen filled McPherson Square for an hour and 15 minutes. The coldhearted fellow kept going, but so did the Kingsmen.

The Fairfax-based group of 20 or so lawyers, businessmen and other semipro musicians took the crow through 18 numbers from "Copacabana" to the "Star Trek" theme to "Jazzman." One benchwarmer sat tapping his white bucks, keeping time with a nimble index finger. Another, presumably not as overwhelmed, listened quietly in a motorcycle helmet.

"We play everything from weddings to wakes," said Kip Baier, the group's vocalist for two years. "We'll even play divorce parties." Clearly a group that takes market research seriously.

The kickoff of the National Park Services concerts in the parks seemed to please the music lovers without bothering anybody else. A tall young man in either a sweat suit or pajamas slept nicely in front of the stage through the first set.

The remaining noontime concerts are as follows: June 29, Hags, Farragut Square; July 9, Grace Archer, Farragut Square; July 11, Glen Crockwell and the World Community Band, Farragut Square; July 12, Image, Department of Transportation; July 13, Lifeline, Farragut Square; July 16, Leslie Caracher, Farragut Square, 11 a.m.; July 19, Horowitz Trio, Department of Transportation; July 20, Image, Farragut Square; July 23, Grace Archer, Farragut Square; July 25, Image, McPherson Square; July 30, Image, Farragut Square.