The Fourth of July! Fireworks. Picnics. Parades. And don't forget the movies!

Most television stations schedule a patriotic film or two around the Fourth. "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "Sergeant York" and "Stars and Stripes Forever" are the popular choices. And although they exert a great deal of patriotism, they are far removed from that most important Fourth of July in 1776.

But never fear. If it was ever written about in a history book, odds are that it found its way into movie, in one form or another. And the struggle for independence provided Hollywood with more than enough material. Why, resident film-historian Cecil B. DeMille even gave us a history lesson in his move "Unconquered."

So how's your sense of history? Or at least your sense of movie history?The troops are gathered, and you're in command. But don't fire until you see the whites of their celluloid.

1 - In the 1959 movie "John Paul Jones," who played the gallant sailor?

a)Robert Stack

b)George montgomery

2 - John Ford showed Henry Fonda and Ward Bond how the colonists fought Indians in this 1939 movie. And to make things even, the Indians were led by a villainous John Carradine. The movie was:

a)"Fort Ti"

b)"The Deerslayer"

c)"Drums Along the Mohawk"

3 - Cecil B. DeMille gave us his version of the colonial struggle in "Unconquered" with Gary Cooper. But in the same film, an actor known for his horror-monster roles played an Indian Chief. Can you name him?

a)Bela Lugosi

b)Boris Karloff

c)Lon Chaney Jr.

4 - "The Devil's Disciple" brought Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas together in tricornered hats. But do you remember the English actor who played the part of General Burgoyne in the film?

a)Patrick McGoohan

b)Ian Bannen

c)Laurence Olivier

5 - Rogers' Rangers sloshed through swamps and fought Indians in the rousing film-version of Kenneth Roberts' "Northwest Passage." But who led the Rangers?

a)John Garfield

b)Spencer Tracy

c)Van Heflin

6 - In 1972, the struggle behind the Decalration of Independence was put to song in which film?


b)"America, America"

c)"I Hear America Singing"

7 - Hal stalmaster and Whit bissell starred in Walt Disney's story of a young man who joined the fight for liberty. Do you remember the movie?

a)"Sons of Liberty"

b)"The Light in the Forest"

c)"Johnny Tremain"

8 - A colonist is killed as a traitor, and his spirit roam the earth for many years until it can get someone to uncover the evidence to clear his name. A comedy? Well, it was when this comedy team starred in "The Time of Their Lives." The comedians were:

a)Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin

b)Bud Abbott and Lou Costello

c)Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

9 - Disney Studios presented the adventures of Francis Marion as he fought for independence in "The Swamp Fox" TV series. But who played the title role?

a)Leslie Nielsen

b)Guy williams

c)Fess Parker

10 - In "Allegheny Uprising," the settlers - harassed by a corrupt trader (Brian Donlevy) and an unscrupulous officer (George Sanders) - came out on top because their cause was championed by:

a)James Stewart

b)John Wayne

c)Clark Gabel


1 - a)Robert Stack - who later traded his ship's cannon in for a machine gun and shot it out with Capone and Co. in TV's "The Untouchables."

2 - c) "Drums Along the Mohawk." Claudette Colbert and Edna May Oliver were the women that Fonda protected. But Ms. Oliver proved that she could hold her own in a fine serio-comic role.

3 - b)Boris Karloff. This gentlemanly actor, who menaced us in "The Mummy" and "Frankenstein," also played an Indian in the movie "Tap Roots."

4 - c)Laurence Olivier. Based on George Bernard Shaw's play, this movie gave Olivier the chance to show the talent that has handled everything from "Hamlet" to a Nazi war-criminal in "Marathon Man."

5 - b)Spencer Tracy. How could he go wrong with Walter Brennan, and everybody's favorite doctor, Robert (Marcus Welby) Young along for the trip?

6 - a)"1776." Howard da Silva as Benjamin Franklin headed the cast in this film version of the play.

7 - c)"Johnny Tremain." Appropriately enough, this movie was released by Buena Vista on July 4, 1957.

8 - b)Bud Abbott and LouCostello. The ghostly Costello, with the aid of fellow spirit Marjorie Reynolds, haunted Abbott in this fine special-effects comedy.

9 - a)Leslie Nielsen - years before he took another position of command, although a less fortunate one, as the captain of the S.S. Poseidon.

10 - b)John Wayne. And this was not the last that John Wayne wore buckskins. He was a frontiersman in "The Fighting Kentuckian" and, of course, "The Alamo," as Davy Crockett CAPTION: Picture, WHICH WAR MOVIE IS THIS FROM? NONE OF THE ABOVE. IT'S THE REAL THING: THE U.S. COAST GUARD IN ACTION