James Schlesinger's Sun is in Aquarius and his Moon in Taurus. They call him "Energy Czar." I do not know about that. He is certainly not as bad as Ivan the Terrible, not as weak and Nicholas the Second, and, obviously, he is NOT Yekaterina - Katherine the Great. His chart because of its stiffness reminds me more of that of a Prussian general who, imperious and impervious, walks through the halls of Inner Sanctum and exudes the aura of responsibility, loyalty, duty and patriotism.

Schlesinger's chart right now is under tremendous pressure, bot internal and external. He is in a vertiable "pressure cooker" and has been there for quite a while. This chart is coming to a climax right now and does not begin to "ease off" until Aug. 11th. And thus, either the energy crisis will get slightly better, or he, himself, will be "eased off."

If he is still in the office after Aug. 11th, the pressure will start to build again, coming to a crunch around November of 1979, this crunch carrying over through March of 1980.

This period from November through March may portend some big crisis not only at home but also on the international scense, for, curiously enough, his chart and the pressure on it ties itself with its Karmic aspects to the charts of. President Carter, President of France Giscard d'Estaing, to the Ayatollah Khomeini, the deposed shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and a few others. Sen. Henry (Scoop) Jackson's chart is also strongly affected around that time.

Schlesinger is under tremendous mental pressure right now. But because he has such a strong charg, he can withstand any pressure.Since it is a power-and career-oriented chart, the man also firmly believes that the career is the mainstay of his life.

And yet, the mainstay of this chart is a woman, probably the wife (or mother), who gives this chart strength and balance.

The woman in this chart smooths the edges, alleviates inner doubts, brings out the mellowness. She is the one who provides the peace to the weary mind, subtly prods him into pragmatic reality. She is the one who is able to change his mind, by influencing rather than challenging.

My first advice is not to him but to others who have to deal with him.

Do not challenge his ideas without having enough data to substantiate your statements. If there are any holes in your argument, he will find them immediately, and then, of course, he will hold fast to his own ideas.

If you want to present your own counter-thinking, be sure that is well substantiated, and let him have time to think it all through, by himself, and to test it all by himself. If he finds validity in what you say, he will accept it.

And to him, personally I would say right now: "Take it easy and watch out for the period of July 9 to Aug. 11. Try not to do anything precipitously since most of the current pressure is easing off. But if you want to say "I've had it," then chuck it all and go fishing, for you will be back in the swim of things, one ways or another, before this year is out." CAPTION: Picture, James Schlesinger, by James K.W. Atherton - The Washington Post