Marilyn Funderburk, veteran organizer of Washington benefits and fund-raising events for the past 10 years, will join the White House as assistant social secretary effective next Monday, the White House confirmed yesterday.

Funderburk, 42, succeeds Victoria McHugh on social secretary Gretchen Poston's three-member staff at an un-disclosed salary. McHugh resigned July 1 to join the pulbic relations firm of Campbell, Peachey and Associates.

Rosalynn Carter and her son, Chip, met briefly with Funderburk in the family quarters yesterday, according to the first lady's press secretary, Mary Hoyt.

"When Mrs. Carter told Marilyn she had beard good things about her, Marilyn laughed and said she had heard about how hard everybody works in the social office," Hoyt said yesterday. "Mrs. Carter told her it was all true, too."

Poston, who has known Funderburk since their teen-age sons were in the same fourth-grade class, says the position involves all apsects of preparing for every event that takes place at the White House, from swearings-in and briefings to concerts and state dinners.

Poston said of McHugh's resignation: "I'm sorry it came now instead of a year and a half from now, but it's a great opportunity for Vicky."

Funderburk most recently has been researcher-writer for Minority Cultural Project, a private group created to increase minority participation in public broadcasting.

Educated at Manhattanville College, where she received a bachelor's degree in biology, Funderburk worked at the National Institute of Health as research assistant in biochemical pharmacology for a year. She is married to Dr. William W. Funderburk. They have three chilren: Chrissy, 15, Julie, 16, and Billy, 17. CAPTION: Picture, Marilyn Funderburk, by Kenneth Stancil - The Washington Post