We're a nation of contestants in search of a game. We enter contest after contest, hoping to win cars, vans, money or a lifetime supply of pizza.

Since most of us don't win those contests, we must be doing something wrong. Perhaps you can become a winner by obtaining a free copy of "Contest News-Letter." It keeps subscribers advised of which contests are still open and what you have to do to get your name drawn, selected, elected or detected. There also are warnings about questionable contests (such as the one where the "winners" were told their recipes would be published - if they paid $10.50).

To obtain a free copy of the newsletter, send a long, self-addressed stamped (28 cents) envelope to Contest News-Letter, Dept. FB, Box 1059, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034.

FREE SEEDS AND POSTER - If you happen to live where wildflowers grow, they're freebies; if you can't step out of your door and grab a handful, send 25 cents postage-and-handling to the Clyde Robin Seed Co., Box 2855 FB, Castro Valley, California 94546. You'll receive a 12-by 18-inch full-color poster and a packet of seeds to get you started growing your own.

The poster pictures 29 kinds of wildflowers, trees and shrubs. If you've always wondered what Johnny Jump Up looks like, this is your chance to find out. For free, almost.