Siri Kristina Hagglund was wed last Saturday to James Hamilton in a ceremony performed by Mr. Godfrey Speers at the Frist Presbyterian Church in New Canaan, Conn.

Mrs. Hamilton, an alumna of the Granna International Gymnasium, has studied at the Ecole de Francais Moderne in Lausanne, Switzerland and at the Unversity of Lund in Sweden. She is completing her doctoral degree in applied linguistics at Georgetown University where she also earned her master's degree in the same field. The former Miss Hagglund teaches at the George Washington University in the Program of English for International Students. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erik H. M. Hagglund of New Canaan. Her father is president of the Kanthal Corporation, Bethel, Conn., a subsidiary of Bulten-Kanthal A.B., Hallstahammar, Sweden.

Mr. Hamilton, an alumnus of Davidson College, Yale University Law School and of the University of London, is a partner in the Washington firm of Ginsburg, Feldman and Bress. He was an assistant Chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee and is the author of "The Power to Probe: A Study of Congressional Investigations." Mr. Hamilton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Prioleau Hamilton of Chester, S.C. His father is president of Hamilton and Co., Investment Bankers, a firm specializing in the sale of municipal bonds. CAPTION: Picture, No Caption