They seem to sprout from nowhere, those inevitable sardonic one-liners that follow upon politicial disaster, wafting down the halls of congressional office buildings, from table to table in popular restaurants, in the Metro. . .

Here are some of the best and the worst of the current crop on the Great Cabinet Shakeup. (The printable ones, anyhow.)

From Mark Russell, Washington satirist: Rosalynn Carter is writing an article for Ladies Home Journal called "How we turned our Cabinet room into a spare den."

Johnny Carson, answering a phone call from a reporter: Hi! Anybody left in Washington?

And: Califano became the second big Italian to be rubbed out in a week.

And: Treasury Secretary Blumenthal didn't handle his job too well. He asked for his severance pay in krugerrands.

And: Schlesinger already has a new job. He's going to write dumb answers for the Shell Answer Man.

From a secretary at HEW: What's the difference between the administration and the Boy Scouts: Answer The Boy Scouts have adult leadership.

Rumor at Common Cause: We hear that tomorrow the president's breaking into the Watergate.

Rumor on the Hill: Hamilton Jordan is growing a flat top.

Mark Russell, again: Joe Califano knew something was wrong when we found two things on his desk: a blindfold and a cigarette.

Ibid: How can they criticize President Carter for being insensitive to the nation's problems when the Cabinet is on welfare?

Ibid.: One thing is for sure. The president can't run again. He's already started his second term . . . the inaugural parade is tomorrow with the Cabinet walking down Pennsylvania Avenue in chains.