Hamilton Jordan was born Sept. 21, 1944, and has the Sun in Virgo. Jody Powell was born Spt. 30, 1943, and has the Sun in Libra. When I first looked at these two charts I felt stumped. What in the world could I write about when I had almost nothing to say? You can't write a book about something that can be completely covered in 300 words. It was as if I were asked to describe the central nervous sytem of an amoeba. There's nothing wrong with amoebas - they are just not very much.

The fact that I had to write about two people did not help because Jody Powell is a spitting image of Hamilton Jordan, as far as internal dynamics are concerned, not external appearances, and thus writing about the second one would be redundant. So I finally decided to describe only Jordan which would be sufficient for the other as well.

An amoeba is an organism single-mindedly dedicated to its own preservation, responding automatically and in uniform fasion to external stimuli. It is totally predictable organism because once you have learned how it would respond to something - you know it will always respond the same way.

Jordan and Jody Powell can be charted, though, as the amoeba cannot.

Planetary configurations in every person's chart indicate how that person thinks, what are his mental processes, his intelligence, his intellectual detachment and objectivity, if any, and how this person will perceive the world around him and deal with it. Jody and Jordan have identical configurations, and thus they do think the same way. Nothing surprising about that, everybody knows it. What is surprising, however, and fascinating, is the fact that their planetary configurations are replicas of that of Jimmy Carter.

And so these three Js (Jimmy, Jody and Jordan) think, deduct and perceive things in identical fashion.

All three have Mercury in Virgo afflicted by the same planets. Afflicted Mercury in Virgo has a great tendency not to see the forest for the trees, and suffers great moral and spiritual crises trying to decide whether a comma, semicolon or a period would be the most appropriate in any given place.

After a period of time, unable to withstand the agony of his search for perfection (mostly in others), it leaps to escape, landing in this case on afflicted Uranus. Uranus always brings the flashes - either flashes of brilliance or flashes in the pan - and it prods into sudden and dramatic reversals and grandstands. And thus, it becomes now, very important that this person have something to help him differentiate between the flashes and curb the prodding for self-fulfilling dramatics.

But instead of that, for these three the flashes are judged by afflicted Jupiter - the planet of opulence, expansiveness and unbending optimism - and thus every flash is adjudged to be a flash of brilliance, which, of course, will always work, immediately and in the grandest manner. And, therefore, all of their own thinking is also evaluated as the best, the greatest, unerring, all-knowing and brilliant.

And thus, these three Js form the most interesting configuration: they are not a triumvirate for that implies three independent men running a country. I cannot call them a trinity, for that implies three parts making one perfect whole. So the best way one can describe it is as a case of Siamese triplets joined by a single head.

Very interesting.

It then becomes clear that there is no use to go to one J. to complain about another J. All three perceive the world in identical fashion, and react to it in identical way, and if they distort the reality, their distortions will be also identical. And thus, if one J would perceive the moon as one giant Swiss cheese, two others will agree, not because they kowtow, or are "loyal," but because they also see the moon as one giant Swiss cheese. And if the outside world would demur at that and say meekly, "But we think the moon is the moon," we become immediately guilty of losing confidence in our leaders.

And thus I have no predictions or advice to the Js, for prediction and advice are only valid if one presumes that a person can respond to outside stress in varied ways, that a person can learn, and thus be able to perceive different options, and is capable of being intellectually detached and objective. Without it, the Js will remain as they are, and no amount of outer cosmetic changes will bring about the internal ones.

But I have predictions for the readers of this column.

They told me recently that I suffer from malaise, that I might have been slightly unpatriotic, that my spiritual life is greatly wanting, my moral fiber low and I suffer from lack of confidence. All of that has been true, but the moment I projected these three charts into he future and saw great and sudden changes in lives of these three Js in 1980 (or sooner) it is fantastic how my malaise evaporated, my spirits had lifted, my moral fiber stiffened and my confidence soared.

Because I predict that if astrology works, all three Js are gone by the end of 1980. CAPTION: Illustration, no caption; Picture, no caption.