Where to arrange for a foreign-student guest:

The Foreign Student Service Council of Greater Washington (FSSC) - The primary clearing-house for international student hospitality, 1623 Belmont St. NW, on the grounds of Meridian House International. Nonprofit, with some official grant money for special programs, and affiliated with COSERV (Community Organisations in Service to America), a nationwide network of home hospitality. FSSC coordinator Wendy Weiss, 232-4979, may be called for a host family application form.

Students travelling independently are cleared for placement before arrival. Local students are referred by the Foreign Student Adviser's office of their college or university.

FSSC usually refers students for short-term visits, but does maintain a housing referral lisy for potential live-in students. Students listed with FSSC generally are interested in an opportunity to improve language skills. FSSC provides both parties with telephone numbers so they can discuss arrangements before making a commitment.

The Experiment in International Living - Active in arranging summer homestays of three weeks or longer, with an emphasis on sharing the family experience. Non-profit; students are screened and participating families may deduct basic homestay expenses from their income tax. Washington field office: 1346 Connecticut Ave. NW. Tel: 872-1330.

The American Field Service - Provides students with the opportunity to live and attend classes with American high school students for an academic year. Non-profit; participants are screened, and an income tax deduction may be taken.AFS offices at 313 E. 43rd St., New York City. Tel: (212) 661-4550.

Independent groups - Housing arranged primarily through contacts of a group coordinator. Mainly geared to month-long homestays and English-language instruction.

After you've made you inquiries and your decisions, and even if you've traveled extensively, you might want to do a little homework before your student guest arrives.

The National Association of Foreign Student Affairs has available several publications for community volunteers and a brief but valuable reading list. Address: 1860 19th St. NW. Tel: 232-1312.

AMIDEAST (America-Mideast Educational-Training Services), 1717 Massachusetts Ave. NW, has a useful booklet entitled "Cultural Clues to the Middle Eastern Student," as well as a comprehensive bibliography on North Africa and the Middle East. A small fee for publications. Tel: 797-7900.