If "bicycling" your legs while doing a shoulder stand or performing lots of push-ups seems like great exercise to you, you need a free copy of "Basic Bodywork" so you'll know what you're doing wrong.

This 21-page pamphlet from the American Medical Association has sections on medical fitness, dynamic fitness and exercise and weight control. Find out what body-builders are good, and which ones can put a z crimp in your muscles as well your style.

Send a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope (with 28 cents postage on it) to the Department of Health Education, 535 North Dearborn Street, Chicago 60710.


After lots of weeding seeding and tender loving care, your garden has finally started to produce produce. It's hard to believe that such a modest-looking tomato plant can grow that many tomatoes, isn't it? There's a free, 100-page book that will help save you and your family from trying to eat an entire bushel of tomatoes every night for the next two months, "Home Food Preservation" tells all the ins and outs of getting food into cans, bottles and freezers. Find out about the different methods that can keep you in food all winter and save money. There are also tips on how to minimize quality loss, how to make jams and preserves, winemaking, and storing fresh vegetables and fruits.

Your free copy of "Home Food Preservation" is available by sending a postcard request to Consumer Information Center, Department 664G, Pueblo, Colorado 81009.Book on PARENTING -- It's not an easy job, for you never received any training for it, there's no pay, and the hours are impossible. You can't quit, take a vacation or ask for longer coffee breaks. The job is being a parent, which everyone wants to do well; But for every parent there are times when a few words of wisdom would be a big help, "Footsteps," which offers a good deal of sound advice, is available free from the Consumer Information Center, Dept. 648g, Pueblo, Colorado 81009. (To speed handling send your request on a postcard.)

One of the most important reminders in the book says there is no such as the "average" child. Johnny is not like Jean, and neither of them will do exactly what Alice does. Comparisons can be destructive.