Senate Majority Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.) was born on Nov. 20, 1917, and has sun in Scorpio. His sun, however, is far less important than his Mercury and his Sagittarius which, because of its configurations (called aspects), immediately leaps to the front and runs away with the show. Thus it is his Mercury that becomes the most important planet on his chart, it aspects indicating a rare and unusual mental facility.

Sen. Byrd has the chart of a liguist more than that of an instant interpreter. It is this ability more than anything else that helped him to become majority leader. He has a rare gift of being able to immediately understand and speak the language of others, without ever losing his own integrity. After all, a mockingbird can sing the songs of all the birds without ever becoming any other bird.

Sen. Byrd can put himself into another persons's "mental shoes" and wear them as though they were his own, listening to divergent of even opposite opinions expressed from that persons's own point of view, and then he can bridge the gap using that persons's own language.

It is the same as if a Chinese and a Frenchman try talking to one another, with a pidgin English as their only means of communication; each of them getting progressively irritated with the other and getting nowhere. Then Sen. Byrd would arrive, address the Chinese in his own dialect, listen to him, then turn and address the Frenchman in fluent, flawless French perfectly translating the data without losing one nuance of meaning.

He is a veritable thinking workaholic, the Senate being his second home (I hope his wife is very understanding). If he could not work all the time and thingk all the time he would become fidgety and unhappy. He never stops thinking; even in his sleep the wheels go round and round.

He is optimistic, idealistic, full of energy, stubborn as a mule despite his flexible mind, and it is not so much the love of music but love of performing arts that makes him play the violin. He might once have entertained the idea of becoming an actor, but he wanted his life to become a showcase for his thinking mind and not for his acting.

At this time of political musical chairs and guessing games, I decided to take a look at his chart, since the chart of the majority leader can offer some clues to which direction the wind is blowing. I was glad that I did so for his chart provides fascinating additional data.

Especially in the next few months, Sen. Byrd will be thrown very much into the limelight. His opinions about the resources of other people has undergone somber evaluation which began at the beginning of this year. Now his thinking is changing direction.

This change in direction comes either to some definition resolution, or to the surface, in November of this year even though the month of October is already a very important month for him.

The way his chart is tied up to Vice President Mondale and to Sen. Kennedy, their natal aspects strengthened by the current passage of planets and eclipses makes me believe that something is already afoot (astrologists looking up charts can also get scoops as reporters do, even though they use different means), because Sen. Kennedy and Vice President Mondales' chart and Vice President Mondale's chart are karmically linked. The karmic links express themselves in life as one person having great effect on the life of another, sometimes even without trying. Sen. Byrd stands between these two charts almost like a power broker. Another straw in the wind is that the chart of Tip O'Neill is also tied up to these three charts.

Since the aspects are marching together, they do tie these men together. It would have behooved Jimmy Carter to have talked more to Sen. Byrd than to run to town meetings around the country, but seeing the chart of Sen. Byrd as it is now I believe it might be too late for that.

In the next few months - even in the next several weeks - all of this will become more evident, because as time progresses all these charts begin to gain momentum that seems to be quite irreversible.

My advice to Sen. Byrd - go straight ahead. Not only are there changes coming up that throw you into the limelight, but you are in the hub of things. It is the beginning of the new cycle in your life. You are not like the "rolling stone that gathers no moss" - you are like the rolling stone that is carried by momentum, gathering a lot of moss - like a rolling magnet that attracts and holds more and more people to it.

When destiny unrolls like that, one can do only one thing - simply follow, and in this case it is to better and bigger things. CAPTION: Illustration no caption; Picture, Sen. Robert Byrd, by AP