"Unidentified Flying Oddball" is a movie in the traditional Disney style, in which the Dalmations and bears and the like are replaced with a fashionably updated science-fiction theme.

A clean-cut, likable young scientist (played by Dennis Dugan) blasts off in a spaceship and finds himself traveling back into time. He lands in Camelot, just a few pastures away from King Arthur's Court and emerges in his snowman-like space suit - the unidentified flying oddball - shocking the locals.

The plot - obviously derived from Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" - has the customary quantum of Disney cuteness as the story unravels predictably.

But it takes advantage of the situation for some funny lines. When the oddly suited space traveler is brought before King Arthur's court to explain how he got there, he proceeds to give a lengthy synopsis of American history that leaves the court dozing in boredom.

The King played by Kenneth More is unconvinced, and sentences him to burn at the stake, but pauses for a moment, pondering, "I wonder if he couldn't be trained to be a court jester - he tells the best lies we've heard."

Of course, as the hero is marched to the stake, he realizes that his fireproof asbestos suit will protect him and shocks the crowd by confidently asking for a few moments to speak with the King - after the burning.

King Arthur, played in delightful deadpan by More, leans forward in his chair and shrugs his response, "I suppose he can if he feels up to it."

The movie continues in this vein, adding a romantic interest and exploiting some imaginative bits of technology from the spaceship.

But things get just a little too imaginative when the astronaut, upon finding he successfully has gone back in time, exclaims: "Hey, you can turn back the clock! Albert Einstein, you really knew your stuff!"

Although Einstein was a prolific thinker, the kind of time-travel represented here is Hollywood's concept, not Einstein's. But in the Disney studios, perhaps, it's all relative.