Representative Philip Crane (R-Ill.) was born on Nov. 3, 1930, and has the sun in Scorpio. He announced his candidacy for president in Washington on Aug. 2, and the chart cast for that moment falls almost completely (six planets out of 10) on his wife's chart - indicating that his announcement was of great personal importance to her.

This is usual. What is unusual, however, is the fact that now one of these planets falls on his chart. This indicates that it was her desire to be the wife of the president or of the vice-president that has been the primary motivation for his candidacy.

Thus it is important to take a look at her chart, for it is really she who is running.

Arlene Crane was born on Sept. 23 but she is not a Virgo; she is a virago with the sun in Libra - an unusual combination.

This is the chart of a very powerful person who wants very much to attract attention to herself and who is probably a marathon talker. She would do well in the Senate during a filibuster - she would out-talk and outlast them all. She is very dynamic with a seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy - a continuous doer.

The tale of "the lady in a shoe who had so many children she did not know what to do" does not apply to her at all. She could triple the amount of children in the shoe, take care of all of them and still have energy to spare.

And yet, despite strong dynamics and a very good brain, she is handicapped by an aspect in her chart that throws a monkey wrench into everything that she does or could accomplish. Her monkey wrenchlies in this sort of behavior: She might have worked really hard on some project and had it almost finished (or perhaps even finished) when, suddenly, without any apparent reason or reflection, something explodes in her and on an impulse she would act - always at a wrong time, in the wrong place, with the wrong people, and thus destroy all that she has accomplished.

She is like a child who has built a beautiful castle in the sand, with all its turrets and drawbridges, and who then suddenly decides that a big slab of cement would make a better roof (because it would not leak) - and puts in on top of her castle.

If she could accept the fact that the strength in her chart lies in the practical and pragmatic approach, in good research and in accumulation of data, and if she could control her sudden, dramatic upsurges, she could go far.

Her husband is very mush in love with her, and she is, indeed, his ideal of a woman, but she better not take him too much for granted, for his sun and Mercury in Scorpio may say one day: "I am crazy about you, my love, but I have had it." Scorpio needs a great deal of quiet, peace and solitude - which she may have difficulties providing.

Philip Crane is a very nice man, with a great deal of charm and vivacity. He is intelligent and probably quite witty. But he also should watch for pitfalls. His chart indicates a great temptation and the ability to be intellectually original and different. This is okay, as long as this desire to be original and investive does not lead him to take stands that are simply opposite to what everyone else thinks. Being opposite does not necessarily mean than one is either original or creative.

And thus he has to watch this desire for originality does not lead him into a desert, where he stands all alone, upholding some idea that is not necessaryily original but simply the opposite of everyone else's.

My predictions: I am sorry to say it, but beginning with the fall the aspects on both charts are waning, and while they indicate a great deal of political activity during this year and the next, they do not indicate an attainment of any specific goal. The charts are not going up in 1980 - they are going down, and thus I can say (as they say about candidates) they "peaked" too soon.

Philip Crane in his personal as well as in his political life looks too much to his "better half" to express himself, because the chart cast for the moment of his announcement indicates that he has been looking for the vice presidency and not for the presidency. But I cannot tie his chart to any other candidates running. (I can tie his wife's chart, though.) Other candidates have much stronger aspects between their respective charts and thus they present much stronger competition.

At the same time however, the rest of this year and the next one will be fruitful and constructive with some good opportunity resulting from the work done now.

My advice to him: Do not depend on your wife to express much that is in you, anyway. You are like a man who has musical ability and could play well, if he would try, but since the wife is already a musician, you just let her play to express your own desire for playing.

And I have only one piece of advice for his wife: If you can gain control over your sudden impulses, you can go far on your own. Sometimes, to paraphrase the old saying, when a woman walks in front of a good man, then it is probably better that she does her own thing and lets him do his. Then they can each become successful on their own. CAPTION: Picture, Rep. Philip Crane: Scorpio.