Police said yesterday that they had recovered $2.5 million worth of stolen art objects, including paintings by the Dutch masters Rembrandt and Pieter Breughel.

Rembrandt's "Portrait of a Lady" (1635) and Breughel's "The Harvest" were among six paintings and two Chinese Ming dynasty vases stolen from the Cohasset, Mass., seaside mansion of Arthur C. Herrington last August, police said.

Sources said Herrington, who was described as a top-level consultant for the Defense Department, identified the works of art Tuesday night.

"Actually, these works of art are priceless," said Police Commissioner Joseph M. Jordan. He said detectives recovered the art works Tuesday night in the city's Dorchester section.

Police acted after a tip from an informant, according to Jordan. The same informant led police to about $200,000 worth of stolen goods in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood several weeks ago, he said.

The Associated Press reported that one person had been arrested in the case and charged with seven counts of receiving stolen goods. His name was not released.

The FBI was involved in the investigation at one point, police sources said, but were not in on the recovery.

The thieves, described as "pros" by Jordan, bypassed the alarm system in Herrington's home last Aug. 17 and stole the art works while the residents were asleep.

Police sources said the thieves had recently tried to sell the paintings to Herrington's insurance company, which was in the process of paying off the claim.

According to the AP, Herrington said in a telephone interview that the publicity surrounding the theft "has constrained our lives and forced us to sell our home and leave." Herrington was said to be the son of the developer of the World War II Jeep.

Other paintings recovered include Jan Josephs Van Goyen's "A River Scene With Sailing Boats"; Domenico Theotocopuli's "St. Matthew -- 1545 El Greco 1614"; Willem Van deVelde's "Salute on a Calm Sea," and Casper Netsscher's "The Courtship."

The two identical Ming vases were 14 inches tall, and described as gray with dragon designs.