Choose your era.

"Living history" sounds a bit cliched, but the list below proves that we mean what we say. Join a medieval warrior group, compete in a joust -- or wander through a colonial era farm this weekend before re-entering 1979 on Monday morning. GOING TO THE WARS

The Dagorhirs will take to the battlegrounds of the Rockville Civic Center Sunday at 2. If you just plan to gape, come at 3:30, as the first 90 minutes are devoted to weapon inspection, dues collection and other pre-war mundanities.

If you're interested in joining the group, you can fight twice without paying dues or buying a costume to see if you'd like to get more involved. For information, write Brian Wiese, Apartment 302, 14002 Cove Lane, Rockville 20853. Or call 340-9378.

The Marklanders will be toasting the Battle of Hastings and themselves October 13 and 14 at the University of Maryland. Saturday there will be a Viking style wedding feast among other activities. Sunday they will re-enact their own re-enactment -- as many of the original 15 members of the group as can be rounded up will perform. This marks the group's tenth anniversary and they are, as it were, fighting proud about it. The Battle of Hastings will follow.

The Marklanders welcome new members at the ridiculously low rate of $2, which entitles one to occasional issues of the newsletter "Teutonic Plague,"

For information on Markland write to Bruce Blackistone, Oakley Farm, Avenue (that's the name of the town), Maryland 20609.

The Society for Creative Anachronisms and the Marklanders will be at Glen Echo Park September 8 and 9, as part of the Michaelmas fair of Medieval games, concerts, music and dances. $5The Dagorhirs will also perform mock battles at the Renaissance Fair in Columbia, the last two weekends in September and first three in October.