Benjamine Fernandez, a very dark horse in the Republican stable of presidential hopefuls, announced his candidacy last November. His announcement was greeted with universal cries of "Who?"

His chart indicates that he is one dark horse who may pay off.

According to his campaign literature, he is the son of Mexican immigrant so poor that they lived in a boxcar, where he was born. At the age of 5, he went to work picking sugar beets with his family. He later put himself through school, earned degrees in economics and business administration, opened his own consulting firm in California and became a millionaire. The pamphlets depict him as a man of determination, strong will and a great deal of compassion, a hard worker who firmly believes in the American dream.

What is remarkable is that Fernandez' chart not only supports all that this campaign literature says but goes even farther.

Benjamin Fernandez has not only the sun, but also the moon and Uranus in Pisces; these plants, strongly configurated with others, present the picture of a very dynamic, strong and yet highly compassionate man. The moon in Pisces points up his compassion; he is the type of man who has probably been listening to tales of woe all his life, and trying to find constructive solutions to help other people. But he has no patience with people so much in love with their own sob stories that they would rather recite them than do anything about them. These people he cuts out -- and quick.

He is pragmatic, realistic and capable of deep deelings -- but he does not permit emotions to overrule his judgment.

His chart shows a great deal of cruelty and harshness throughout his life, but it shows no hatred or revenge, which is remarkable. He is a good organizer and an excellent trouble shooter, with a fine, factual mind. Yet he is not cold. He has a lovely blend of deep emotion and realistic appraisal.

Fernandez is very musucal, enjoys art and is attracted to theater. He can also be very dramatic himself. This quality would have served him well had he tried medicine -- in the form of a wonderful bedside manner. He would have made an excellent psychiatrist.

The chart also shows that he is a strongly self-disciplined man, and very honest. It would be beneath his dignity to lie, for lies belong to weaklings and cowards. You can tell him anything, and he will forgive, as long as you tell him the truth. Lie to him once and he will write you off.

He is also a man who takes full responsibility for his actions. He would never, for example, shift the blame -- onto Congress or the oil companies or the press.Instead, he would take the blame himself and try to learn from his mistakes.

Finally, he is a man without any deep psychological afflications. He is both idealistic and pragmatic, and thus his judgment is balanced and tempered.

So the dark horse turns out to be a fine thoroughbred who could give the Democrats a run for their money. The chart, however, indicates that the presidency will escape him. Rather, it shows that he may play a very strong role in the making of the vice president.

This horse will run well, even though it is coming from far behind, and his aspects, in contrast to other hopefuls, do not peak soon. In fact, they are getting stronger as we enter 1980 and 1981.

My prediction for Benjamin Fernandez: Starting from the end of this month and through September, some changes will occur in your financial situation, and you might have to change your strategy. But the change will be for the better. If you had some idea of teaming up with some other candidate, this may change also at this time.

Your chart is connected strongly with the charts of Ronald Reagan and Howard Baker. I do not think that you will be a vice presidential candidate (though I cannot dismiss that possibility) but I would predict a good cabinet post (HUD, HEW or Commerce) if the Republicans win.

My advice to you: Run, baby, run. Prepare yourself for a long run, and small but cumulative gains. If you keep running, I believe that by convention time you will no longer be "Benjamin Who?"

And if you really were a horse, I would now put my money on you, to show.

Svetlana Godillo is a Washington astrologer.