Andrew Young was born on March 12, 1932, and has the sun in Pisces. Ever since he became the American ambassador to the United Nations he has been the subject of intermittent controversies, the last one culminating in his resignation. This resignationhas been greeted by some with sounds of fury, by others with sighs of relief. Much has been written about why Young is the way he is, but his astrological chart casts additional light by revealing much of his psychological makeup.

First, his planets in Pisces make him an idealist. He will always champion the causes of those who are weak, poor, oppressed and underprivileged, those whom he perceives to be the biggest underdogs.

Thus, his pro-PLO stand has nothing to do with his ideology. He speaks out for the Palestinians simply because he sees them, at this time, as being more oppressed than the Israelis. Reverse the positions on the totem pole, with Israel at the bottom and the PLO on top, and his sympathies will swing immediately to the Israelis.

But his planets in Pisces are afflicted, and thus they make his idealism limited in its vision and narrow in its focus. While he will champion the causes of all the weak and the oppressed, he will also (unfortunately) look upon them as the most worthwhile people in the world. An afflicted Pisces separates the world into two champs: the strong and affluent (ergo: the oppressors) and the weak and poor (ergo: the oppressed). If Andrew Young ever read "Gulliver's Travels," I am sure that he sided totally with the Lilliputians. This being the case, he was hardly a good choice to represent the strongest and most affluent nation in the world. He must have felt very uncomfortable doing so.

In addition, his planets in Aries are afflicted. This would make him very impulsive, rob him of any patience or self-discipline and make him hate hypocrisy of any kind. This hatred of hypocrisy, because of the afflicted planets, is carried to extremes, and thus makes him reject any protocol, any conventional manners or any superficial code of behavior.

If one combines these afflictions, it becomes clear why Young would sometimes make statements that would appear to be hostile to the United States and its best interests, and why he would rashly proclaim them to the whole world.

One can also understand that with his anger at the reality of Old Father Time, and his view of the world as oppressors and oppressed, he is quite unsuited to represent the Gullivers of this world. He is, however, wonderfully suited to represent some country or movement that would (in his eyes) be the smallest of the Lilliputians. He would have served them well, fought for them and promoted their causes wholeheartedly, but only as long as they were at the bottom of the heap.

Besides his idealism, Andrew Young is also strongly motivated by his desire for power, with his sights on the power emanating from Washington. Yet his chart indicates that this city is one of the worst for him, and thus he may never achieve his ambition if he tries it here.

But he might achieve it in some other locale. He would make an excellent troubleshooter or a good advance man; 100 years ago he would have made a superb wagon-train master, provided he never had to stay in one place to supervise the work he had begun.

There is a great deal of idealism in this man, but not a shred of patience to follow up on what he begins, and if he is forced to do so by the nature of things, he will undermine all he has built.

My predictions for Andrew Young: Your chart showed clearly your rise to prominence two years ago and it also shows your recent fall.You remain in the limelight for a few months to come, and then the chart fades, without much activity in the next few years. You should watch the months of November and December, for your personal relationships (or business partnerships) are at stake at that time, these aspects repeating themselves in summer of 1980.

My advice: Try not to be so impatient. Everything in life takes time to mature and every seed matures at a different pace. Try to broaden your desire to help all the Lilliputians of this world by helping the Gullivers too. Try to remember that both strong and weak have their good and bad points. Try to temper your idealism with some pragmatism, and try to learn when you should let other people take over the project you began.

Remember that there is a time to sow and a time to reap, and they never come simultaneously, no matter how much you might wish for such an order of things on this earth.