CAPTION: Picture 1, Don't fill this car up with cheap storebrand cookies, or it's likely to toss them right back at you. This screaming red, hand-painted ceramic cookie jar will be the focal point of any kitchen and is known to prefer homemade butterscotch brownies. I. Magnin. $95. Photo by James M. Thresher -- The Washington Post. Picture 2, Here's a handmade purse in reddish brown leather with two pockets inside and a handwoven wool panel that reverses from a primarily dark design to a lighter one for summer. The detachable strap turns it into a clutch bag. It's the creation of Jeff Lefkowitz. To order call (703)777-6519 or write Lefkowitz at Rte. 4, Box 143, Leesburg, Va. 22075. $51. Photo by Linda Wheeler -- The Washington Post, Picture 3, There's nothing worse than an old sponge, so here's a 36-inch sponge stick from which you can slice off a new one whenever you need it. "Cut-Your-Own-Sponge" is made of natural yellow French cellulose. Caution: It comes in dry form, so don't keep it near water of the whole thing will expand to twice its size. From China Closet (Chevy Chase, White Flint, Falls Church) $7.99. Photo by Gina Stevens -- The Washington Post