When it comes time, shortly, to put away your favorite T-shirt dress, no need to mourn. Stores are stocked with a worthy successor for cold weather, the sweater knit dress.

Knits haven't been around much in the past couple of seasons. In the period when clothes were inflated to full-blown size, knits didn't make a great deal of sense. But now that clothes are body conscious once again, knit dressing should prove very popular.

Like T-shirt dresses, the new crop of sweater dresses can be one-or two-piece, are best in natural fibers, take bright colors well, and can be modestly priced as well as quite expensive.

Curved waistband ribbing underscores the snug fit of the mallard blue lamb's wool and acrylic knit dress by Frederika Jean Stark from Bloomingdale's ( $84).

All wool two-piece knit dress in burgundy with olive and orange, (or black with red and yellow) can also be worn as separate sweater and pull-on skirt. By DDDominick from Ann Taylor (sweater $40, skirt $25).

Richard Assatly's sleek cocoa wool knit with a streak of beige on the shoulders has an optional belt. From Neiman-Marcus ( $240).

The lamb's wool, angora and nylon sweater and skirt, with gathers on the shoulder, adapts to both daytime and evening. From Liberty in cassis color, plus others (sweater $30, pull-on skirt $40).