Q. I have a pair of white cotton gloves in good condition with "I Like Ike" written on them in red and blue, plus a gold-colored pin that says "Ike" on it, with a safety catch. Do you know of a museum that would be interested in these pieces?

A. According to Mark Jacobs, political memorabilia dealer and collector, your "Ike" pieces are not museum-quality items. Jacobs, who is the largest dealer in political memorabilia in the country, says the gloves in good condition (like yours) would have a retail value from $12 to $15, while the pin would be worth anywhere from $2.50 to $5. Jacobs would be interested in buying the pieces and will make you an offer for them if you write him at Mark & Lois Jacobs Americana Collectibles Antiques, 702 North Wells Street, Chicago 60610. He also is interested in purchasing other political memorabilia items as well as any items pertaining to Chicago's mayors, both past and present -- especially Mayors Jane Byrne and Richard Daley. Because the ladies liked Ike so much, lots of political "Ike" jewelry was produced, including glittering rhinestone pins that say "Ike" (some in red, white and blue), earrings, embossed metal pins and other ladies' items such as your gloves.

Q. How can I find out the value of upholstered Victorian chairs and sofas?

A. You'll find many examples pictured and priced in "Victorian Furniture Styles & Prices," by Robert W. and Harriet Swedberg, available for $7.95 plus 75 cents postage from Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1912 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50305. It contains more than 200 photographs.

Q. Are there any cigarette-card collectors, and how can I find information about such cards?

A. Write to Penny Jordan, 716 Ashford Road Sharpley, Wilmington, Delaware 19803. Penny specializes in collecting old cigarette cards and silks. You also can write to the Cigarette Pack Collectors Association, c/o Richard Elliott, 61 Searle Street, Georgetown, Massachusetts 01830. The association's national and international members specialize in collection cigarette and tobacco-related items. For instance, if you're interested in selling full or empty old cigarette packs, packages, tins, advertisements, boxes and other old cigarette-related items, write to Chuck Hynes, Cigarette Pack Collector, 15137 Crestview Lane, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343. He has the third-largest collection in the United States. If you have any old pipe, cigar or other tobacco-related items for sale, write to radio announcer Bob Krahling, 903 Grenada Drive NE, Canton, Ohio 44714. If you have outdoor cigarette advertising signs made of metal, you can write to Gary Dubnoff, P. O. Box 753, Vallejo, California 94590.