Discos are discos and nightclubs are nightclubs and it might have been better if the two had never met. A nightclub is a place you go to be entertained. At a disco, you are the entertainment. This was the problem last night, as Renee Morris and Paradise attempted to perform at Images.

Images is what could be called a disclub -- a place where one can dance to mindless disco muzak and be a "performer" and then retire to a table and listen to the real performers. The dance floor/stage is finished in black plastic with blinking lights embedded in the walls and the decor is strictly slick chic with contrasting pink and red tones and charming articicial flowers. While Images is perfectly suited to dancing, drinking and making idle conversation, it lacks the intimacy of a nightclub.

Given the situation, Renee Morris did her best. She is a capable singer, with a range that is equal to her varied pop music repertoire. Her voice is warm and smooth, and she had a relaxed stage presence that was a refreshing contrast to the blaring, 120-beat-per-minute "warm-up" music. She was ably backed by Paradise, with bassist Michael Lane and drummer Don Foster, in particular, playing with as much energy and feeling as the confining atmosphere would allow.