Jerry Brown was born on April 7, 1938, and has the sun in Aries. His planetary patterns are indicative of a very complex man, whose intellectual drive, emotions and personality are often at variance with one another.

Much of his chart is fun and games. I am sure he enjoys his position as governor of California and loved running for it. There is nothing devious, underhanded or wishy-washy on his chart, and the oft-heard accusation that he is weak -- because he changes his mind, sometimes veering into a diametrically opposite direction -- is quite unfair. There is nothing weak or wishy-washy about Aries -- foolhardy and impatient maybe, but never weak. An Aries marches right in where the proverbial angels fear to tread, and if he has a hard time getting out of what he got himself into, there's usually somebody around to bail him out.

There is also nothing wishy-washy about the strong Taurian influence of Jerry Brown's chart (he has Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Mars all conjoined in Taurus). This, if anything, only emphasizes the Taurian stubborness four times. So when he changes his mind, it is only his ideas that change, not his stubborness and entrenchment.

The key to Jerry Brown's chart lies in his love of paradox. He likes to startle people, to throw a curve, not out of meanness or desire to embarrass or hurt, but rather to amuse, to shock or stun. He likes to show off his mind and he likes to see himself as an intellectual catalyst, as a man who makes people think.

He loves to come out with things that are unexpected, unorthodox and original -- the O. Henry twist -- and he probably adores solving all kinds of brain teasers. They say he studied Zen. But he really didn't have to -- his mind is like that anyway.

In addition to a mind that is good, retentive and in love with paradox, Jerry Brown is very artistic. There is a great deal of musical appreciation and he might be gifted in singing, composing or playing some instrument. He has the sculptural degree on his chart which would give him ability for sculpting, jewelry making, architecture or building. He could also be a good painter or photographer.

This artistic drive is very powerful on his chart and, combined with other aspects, it indicates that the political career will not be his life's only work. At some point he may very well switch from politics to some artistic endeavor.

This artistic drive is also much better supported by his Moon in Cancer than his political aspirations. His Moon, hidden from the public view (in the 12th house), makes him a very private, introverted man; a man who is sentimental and desires peace and solitude and would prefer never to have his private affairs of heart exposed to public scrutiny. While this introverted side of his nature probably has caused him a great deal of discomfort each time he has run for office, it would be very helpful in any artistic endeavor, including writing essays or commentaries on life. He can be quite happy in total solitude much -- but not all -- of the time.

My predictions for him: Even though many people say that you will declare your candidacy, I myself do not see you running at the present. Current aspects on the chart emphasize your personal, private and emotional life rather than any political drives. The strong aspects I associate with running for the office come in 1961, 1962. The present ones I associate with thoughts of marriage, relocations (and not to the address at Pennsylvania Avenue), business partnership or toying with idea of new career. I would expect right now the announcement of an impending engagement or marriage (for you feel that making the decision about being a groom is very urgently pressing) than about becoming a president.

But even if you decide to run now, you still will not be "dead serious" about it. You will run for the fun of it, just to enjoy being a catalyst and setting off reactions, and stirring people's thoughts.

The decision to run or not, or any other major decisions, you will reach probably between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15. Starting Oct. 1 to the middle of November there is a great deal of stress on all "matters behind the scenes." If you have any skeletons in the closet, they surely will come to the fore during that period.

My advice: None really. You are what you are and you are okay. You have varied artistic abilities that need to be expressed, even if on the smallest scale. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of your sculptural degree, and with your love for color, maybe you ought to try ceramics for the time being, for you need to mold things with your hands. And try to do something about your music, besides being in love with a singer -- which may be only a vicarious expression of your own unfulfilled artistic hunger.

Svetlana Godillo is a local astrologer.