Clergymen are most likely to have satisfying married lives, according to a survey conducted by advice columnist Dr. Joyce Brothers. But, speaking before a convention of the American Hospital Association this week, she said that marriage is a "quiet hell" for about half of American couples.

According to the survey, one third of all marriages are likely to end in divorce, while another half will become loveless, "utilitarian" relationships to protect children, property, shared careers and other goals.

Some other findings of the survey:

Men marry women less intelligent than themselves, while women seek "smarter" partners;

Women are stronger than men in "life and death crises."

Wives start most fights between spouses.

Men change their minds more often than women.

Women complain more about their marriage than men. Married women complain most about money, their husbands' drinking and physical abuse, while men complain exclusively about sex.

Women are now complaining more frequently of frigidity in men, while more men are "saving themselves" for careers and other pursuits.

Men lie about their age more than women, but women who lie about their ages use "ballpark" figures while men only remove a year or two.

Recent samplings by psychologists indicate that men rarely grow to love, respect and marry women with whom they have had sex, without love, from the beginning of a relationship.