Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was born on December 12, 1918 and has the sun in Capricorn. Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was born on August 16, 1913 and has the sun in Leo. Both men frequently have said that they bore nothing but good will for one another, that they liked and wished each other well. Both of them also said, Sadat being more vocal of the two, that each one drove the other nuts. The aspects on their charts not only support each's reactions to the other, they also explain why they feel the way they feel.

Among several links that tie their charts together, one immediately leaps into the front: It is the exact conjunction of Sadat's Venus and Begin's Jupiter (in 12th degree of Cancer). I call this aspect "I cherish thee." Such a conjunction between man and woman's chart makes for an endearing contact, where two people really have each other's welfare on their hearts, and thus, whether their love affair or marriage lasts, or is broken, they never cease to want the best for the other, no matter what their differences.

At the same time, all this good will toward each other does not necessarily mean that they are compatible, or can resolve their differences. One can wish well and cherish another person, but cannot abide him under one roof, and any close contact drives them up the wall.

This is pretty much the story between Sadat and Begin because their personalities clash, and their minds operate on different wavelengths.

President Sadat is a Capricorn with several additional planets in cardinal signs (cardinal signs being Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra). Predominance of cardinal planets on a chart makes a person a doer. This means that any time such persons are faced with a problem they attempt to solve it by action. Sadat is pragmatic, optimistic, inventive, and because of the cardinality of his chart he can be quite flexible if the situation demands it.

In contrast, Begin is a Leo and has several other planets also in fixed signs (fixed signs being Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus.) And thus Begin is fixed and I doubt that anyone, by this time, would dispute that he is fixed.

A person with fixity predominant on his chart solves problems by entrenchment. They take a position and they sit on it, until doomsday if need be, all primed to outlast the problem, or the opponent, and they usually succeed unless they themselves are broken in the process.

Let us say, for example, that Begin and Sadat would start on the same road, on their journey together to the promised land and would run across a stone wall barring their way. Initially, they would both grapple with it the same way, they would attempt to scale it, to make an opening, or walk around it, or try to break it down.

But after a while, their efforts coming to nil, their personalities would assert themselves, and Sadat would stand up and say "Heck, since I cannot do anything about it, I better go back, and see whether there might be another road that leads to the promised land, even if I have to go all the way back to the point of departure."

But Begin would not budge, for by this time the wall became a challenge, and he might spend another 20 years trying to tear it down with his bare hands, or praying that lightning would strike it down, and if neither happens he will believe that he can outlast it, and the wall will crumble before he does.

In addition, persons with that much fixity in their charts truly feel that walking away from an obstacle is a weakness. It is somehow beneath their dignity to admit that they are not strong enough to surmount an obstacle; walking away from the wall to the point of departure is tantamount to losing face and admitting that they are dumb, for if they were smart they would have known that this wall was on that path before they started the journey. They feel that they should have known!

And thus, in negotiations, there is no use to coax Begin to take another road or to go to the point of departure. He will stay entrenched in front of his wall and that is that. He is fixed and fixed he will remain. And thus, in order to carry on, Sadat has to go back to Begin and help him to chip on the wall, even though Sadat knows well that this wall will not collapse for another thousand years.

So now they both sit, and both chip on the obstacle and another problem starts.

Now it is their communications, for their Mercuries are not compatible with one another. Begin's fixed Mercury in Leo makes his mind fixed. Once he makes up his mind, he will not budge. His ideas may be revolutionary, unusual, original and precedent-breaking, but they are frozen in their context. If there is any flexibility (and there is some, his Mercury sextile to Mars in Gemini) this flexibility is used only to advance this rigidity and determination.

Sadat, on another hand, can understand revolutionary ideas, but while aligning himself with different and unusual views, he can also see whether they can be realized. And thus, he can understand what Begin tries to accomplish, and how his mind works, and Sadat thinks (oh grand illusion) that Begin will say: "If you understand me, then help me to achieve my aim. Never mind my understanding your aim, this is not what our communication is all about."

And thus Sadat is put again into the position of having to adjust to Begin in order to solve the problem, and so now we come to the point where we have to assess whether the initial good will toward one another will be sufficient to carry over these difficulties, and whether there is anything in their personalities that they could alter in order to bring about a compromise.

This article was written by Svetlana Godillo, Washington astrologer, who next week, on the basis of the entry of Mideast Negotiator Robert Strauss -- and his astrological chart, will make predictions for Sadat and Begin.