ABC -- Mini-series scheduled for ABC this season include the eight-hour "Masada," starring Peter O'Toole in the story of a Judean rebellion against Roman soliders in 73 A.D. "The French Atlantic Affair" will be a six-hour movie based on Ernest Lehman's best seller.

Specials include a remake of "Topper" starring Kate Jackson and her new husband Andrew ("The Bastard") Stevens; "Diary of a Teen-age Hitchhiker" (no, it is not based on an Ibsen play); and "Before and After," about the torture of flab-shedding. Entertainment specials will feature Donna Summer, John Travolta, Goldie Hawn, Ann-Margret and Benji.

CBS -- "The Hallmark Hall of Fame" moves to CBS this season and its productions will include Jose Ferrer as Abe Fortas in "Gideon's Trumpet," also starring John Houseman, Henry Fonda and -- what's this? -- Fay Wray.

Among the CBS mini-series coming up are the four-hour TV version of Brooke Hayward's autobiographical "Haywire" starring Lee Remick and Jason Robards; the six-hour "Scruples" starring Lindsay Wagner; and four hours of "A Rumor of War," based on an eyewitness account of the Vietnam War.

NBC -- Mini-series to be offered on NBC include the already postponed "Martian Chronicles," Richard Matheson's six-hour adaption of a Ray Bradbury novel; "Freedom Road" starring Muhammad Ali and Kris Kristofferson; "The Last Convertible," a nostalgic vehicle about 20 years in the lives of five wartime Harvard grads; and "Beggarman, Thief," a six-hour sequel to "Rich Man, Poor Man."

NBC specials include a new version of "The Miracle Worker," with Patty Duke in the role of Helen Keller's teacher (she played Helen Keller as a child on stage and screen); a new musical version of "A Christmas Carol"; "Uptown; A Trip to the Apollo Theater," set at the famous Harlem landmark; "Enola Gay," from the book about the first atomic bomb; and variety specials starring Steve Martin, Shaun Cassidy, Dolly Parton and The Bee Gees.