"Stormin' Norman and Suzy" sounds like the name of a down-and- dirty dance-hall duo that might've entertained the cowpokes in the Old West. In fact, they are a down-and-dirty dance-hall duo who played, last night, for a group of suburban cowpokes at Desperado's, a Georgetown saloon.

Stormin' Norman is a piano player and Suzy is the singer and together they are a sprightly musical comedy team, with emphasis on the comedy. Suzy vamps across the stage in a pink slip and feather boa, crooning her tunes and acting out hokey homilies that pass for lyrics. "Stormin'" (as they no doubt call him on the range) looks like a burly mountain man who just picked the pretty girl up for a song and a sarsaparilla.

When Suzy told her cowboy jokes, with Stormin' Norman adding dramatic piano trills in the background, things went mighty fine -- their show was fast-paced and a job to behold. But when they tried to play some gutsy blues and boogie-woogie, they sounded more like a husky heifer caught on a barb wire fence. Norman got a little carried away and rushed things a mite and Suzy -- well, let's just say she should stick to her steam-engine imitation.

It's not easy to say much discouragin' words about these two. They are bright and imaginative and have enough spirit for a mess of performers. Maybe one day, they'll drop the music and stick to their shtick, and then they'll be headed down happier trails.